On the occasion of 35th year anniversary of Japan – Vietnam diplomatic relation, the Japan Embassy in Vietnam, the Japan Foundation and VJCC will corporate with some related Vietnamese Ministries and Agencies to organize the event “Japan Film Festival 2008” in Vietnam. The event is one of cultural exchange activities between Vietnam and Japan and has a significant meaning in further enhancing confidence and mutual understanding between two countries. Via films screened at “Japan Film Festival 2008”, the Vietnamese people may have chance join in and understand about culture and life in the “Rising Sun” Country.

Time scheduled for film screening:

In Hanoi:  October 10th – 14th 2008 at the National Cinema, 87 Lang Ha str., Dong Da dist., Hanoi.

Oct 10th

Oct 14th


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completely issued

Evening 1

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Evening 2

In Hải Phòng: October 17th – 21st 2008 at 1/5 Cinema , 55 Hoàng Văn Thụ str., Hai Phong

Lịch chiếu:

Oct 17th


13:30~ SEMINAR FOR” DORAEMON THE MOVIE NOBITA’S DINOSAUR 2006″ (106 min, animation)

 15:00~ “CAPTAIN HARDLOCK IN ARCADIA” (130 min, animation)

Evening 1

18:00~ Opening Ceremony

18:15~ “THE SIGN OF LOVE”(115 min, love)

18:00~ “FREE AND EASY17” (107 min, comedy)

18:00~ “MY GRANDPA” (117 min, drama

18:00~“PINGPONG BATH STATION” (110 min, comedy)

18:00~ “FREE AND EASY17” (107 min, comedy)

Evening 2

20:30~“FANCY DANCE” (101 min, comedy)

20:30~ “HANA” (127 min, samurai)

20:30~ “THE SIGN OF LOVE”(115 min, love)

20:30~“HANA” (127 min, samurai

20:30~ “MY GRANDPA” (117 min, drama)


–        Japan Embassy in Vietnam

–        The Japan Foundation

–        VJCC Hanoi 

Recieve tickets at:

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

Add: 27 Quang Trung str,. Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hà Nội.

From: October 3rd 2008

Time: 11:00 ~ 19:00 (daily)