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  • The Chef of South Polar

    2009 / 125’ / DVD / Color

    A delicious comedy that makes us eager for Japanese foods

    [Cast] Masato Sakai, Kengo Kora, Takashi Ukaji, Kosuke Toyohara  


    The Chef of South Polar is based on the autobiographical essays of coast-guard chef Jun Nishimura who delivers mouth-watering and extravagant dishes for an eight-man team at the Dome Fuji Station, a Japanese research outpost in the South Pole, for a year. Think foie gras, lobster, matsuzaka beef, ramen… this is one scrumptious film filled with food, ice and laughter. The film is not about what the chef can or cannot cook at -54°C. It is about the impact of his efforts on the group, on the role of food in the community and a sense of home. Isolated from their families and the world, the idiosyncrasies of each of the all-male crew intensify and threaten to de-stabilise their fragile co-existence but extremes are tempered as the men eat together, work together, and later even learn to cook together. The Chef of South Polar is Okita’s commercial feature film debut.

    Directed by: Shuichi Okita                                         Cinematography by: Akiko Ashizaw
    Screenplay by: Shuichi Okita, Jun Nishimura

[Film Festivals, Awards]
2009 – Shindo Kaneto Director Awards: Golden Award

Lịch chiếu / Screenings: Hanoi: 26.10., 19:30 / 28.10., 19:00 / 4.11., 9:15 Phan Thiet: 16.11., 15:30

HCMC: 25.11., 13:00 / 29.11., 13:00