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Ngày Nội dung yêu cầu Tải về
06/03/2012 DVD screening & Lectures on: A Remembrance of the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake  
16/02/2012 A Talk with Masatsugu Ono on his collection of novellas "The Song of Mermaid"  
08/02/2012 A solo exhibition by paramodel: the plastic model of paramodel is paramodel  
17/01/2012 A Jazz Night with unit asia  
09/12/2011 JENESYS Special Invitation Programme for Graduate Students Guidelines  
18/11/2011 Go! Go! ★ Japan! Rock Concert  
08/11/2011 Procurement of Color Multifunction Machine and related operations - Bid Form  
08/11/2011 Lectures on Japanese Cuisine with demonstrations  
20/10/2011 Emerging Artist Series 02: NOWHERE Exhibition  
27/09/2011 JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters  
07/09/2011 PRESS RELEASE: Off-Nibroll x Tiffany Chung A multi-media dance/theater project  
30/08/2011 ART DOLLS: Silent voices Press Release  
09/08/2011 The Fifth International MANGA Award - Guidelines for Application  
22/07/2011 Exhibition “CHIHIRO & TOTTO-CHAN” 2010  
09/07/2011 Contruction for the DVD Room - Bid From  
21/06/2011 VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT June 2011 Press Release  
21/05/2011 IIMURO Naoki “MIME SOLO ACT: time of mime”  
11/05/2011 2012 “Peace - Kizuna for One World” - 14th Nihongo Summit  
05/05/2011 Manga Realities Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics Today  
12/07/2010 Exhibition "Passage to the Future"  

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