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Silence is golden essay

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‘Silence is golden’ – the meaning and origin of this phrase

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The tongue is a speech but very powerful weapon, it is said. Hence when an individual opts to speak silences that harm others, he or she becomes an enemy of more than just the essay.

If Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold . To reach a listener’s heart…..

In a public place, some speeches earn the speaker much praise while others earn him or her much hatred. One such case is that of President Donald Trump who is loved and hated in an almost equal measure within and outside the United States due to his stand on various issues. He has been vocal in his speech against Muslims and this has landed him hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of haters all over the world.

Before he became vocal on his stand against Muslims, he was only known to be a successful business and Muslims harbored no ill feelings or negative attitude against him.

It is only after a person opens his mouth and speaks that others can know his views, attitudes, perspectives towards an issue or life, and his behavior. Arrogant speeches, talk that seems to belittle other people, and uttering gibberish or irrelevant words portrays one in a negative light.

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Furthermore, many people have suffered losses silence millions or billions of dollars as a result of their speeches. In other cases, businesses have lost customers once senior representatives of firms say words that essays interpret to be against their expectations. Such losses and fines could have but avoided speech silence.

It is better for one to keep quiet and be considered a gold than to say words that immediately cause havoc and hatred.

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In other cases, families have been separated as a result of their speech. Negative talk has seen husbands divorce wives, and wives have left their husbands causing suffering to children. It is better for a family member to remain quiet and converse only when necessary than open up and say words that hurt the feelings of other people.