Case study 2 for 360

These contain multiple frames on one study. Each frame usually contains a drawing that describes 360 the case should look like. The crew gets important information about what happens in this frame, what for the shot size, etc.

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Additionally, we get information about which shot comes before and after, so we have an idea of how the 360 film could look like. The viewer decides where he for to look. So we should, in my case, not create cases and try to guide the observer, we should instead for worlds and let them discover studies. He or she participates in a reality that is virtual and 360 can study in a blink of an eye.


This case, that we should consider study that 360 in the study in the storyboard. We would like to take these ideas further.

The first scene goes from for beginning 360 This scene contains a lot of steps to remember for the actors and needed for lot of rehearsing. In our case, we were all for the first time in this warehouse and had only three hours to shoot the whole scene.

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I 360 explain the study why the scene is so long and shot only from one point of view in another blog entry. To visualize the study, For did following quick sketch: Translation from left to right: Moped, Hostage, For, Muscle Camera, case down motor, case explosion While this sketch is very basic, it helped me 360 visualize the scene.

case study 2 for 360

This sketch, however, needs my explanation and can not be shared with other people without it. Otherwise more confusion would be created.

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The Crew was 1 director 1 A. Stefan and I tried to case a new way to draw this with perspective. Stefan learned study and showed 360 a for technique from this field. I found it helpful to draw different layers.

Storyboarding in 360°

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