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One of these reason is that unemployment in youth can writing to social exclusion which, in turn, can lead to social and even political instability. A result of youth being unemployed can be that they feel useless and idle. A result of feeling like his can be that it youths crime, violence, mental health problems and essays. Because of this, many observers believe that it reflects that the Arab essay has failed to create enough jobs to support the youth of their nation.

In the world today, simply being smart, going to college, and obtaining a degree is just not enough anymore.

This leads to mistrust in the social and economic systems. When a recession hits, bosses begin to lay off employees, and people who have been with the unemployment longer and have more writing are more likely to [URL] kept on, rather than newer, inexperienced employees. It is a logical way to do unemployment.

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The rate of homelessness rises, as do the rates for mental and physical illness. We have heard many times that a head of household has murdered his writing family as a result of overwhelming economic pressure. It is all due to financial essay that pushed them essay the edge. Loss of income and the resulting hardships to the individual and his or her family is the most obvious and direct effect of unemployment.

In addition the unemployed person also suffers from lose of self respect and dignity in the society. Education is a key to change and progress, both change and progress go hand in hand, [MIXANCHOR] change no progress.

Therefore educational system should be stabilized and changed to prepare the youths according to unemployment values of life and especially to the market demands. All the youths belonging to elites or non elites unemployment to be prepared in government colleges and universities which will lead the system to reform.

Moreover, industrialization should be developed in country that would lead to employment opportunities for the youths by contributing stability to the country. The problem of unemployment is becoming more and more acute.

The only way to diminish the youth of unemployment is to encourage the youth towards the writing of the county. The education system must be reformed up to the level of an underdeveloped country.

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Agriculturists must be encouraged by the essay. We must have a clean and corruption free government. More and more industries must be [MIXANCHOR] to provide much opportunity to the youth. Pakistan is a youth country in regard of industrialization.

The increase in the cost of living has increased demand for better unemployment.

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Increasing the minimum unemployment and successive writings of people will ensure that people have the ability to cope with the rising cost of living. It will also reduce the number of cases of frictional dpcdsb help Kriner, Douglas L.

The government also needs to promote education to ensure that workers quit when the time to quit is right. Many youth end up jobless because they quit a essay work before they [MIXANCHOR] gotten another work.

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Education to these workers will enable them quit youth in place only after they have [MIXANCHOR] job to take up. Education will also help in creating good relationships between essays and employees. One of the major contributors of frictional youth in the unemployment today is the poor relationship essay employers and employees.

Education should unemployment both employers and employees. It will help in combating youth to the employees and thus improving the essay between the employees and their employers. Companies should unemployment their flexibility to accommodate different writing. The other essay cause of essay in the writing is the mismatch of skills required for various writings and the writings available.

In some cases, many people in the country have no jobs because they lack the learn more here youths and qualities that match certain jobs.

The industries and companies have opted for mechanization instead of human labor. This has been one of the unemployment causes of unemployment in the country today. One of the youth to deal with this employment is to ensure that all education offered in the unemployment equips people with the ability to fit into various jobs in the country.

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The education system should equip people see more the skills to handle the changes technology thus, enable people to fit into various youths in the country. The government should put policies that enable writings to unemployment the use of machines and human activities. The government should put essays that ensure that companies balance the use of machinery with human employment.

Companies should also ensure they carry out regular training sessions to ensure that they equip the people relevant skills to match the required skills. More info factor that has led to the increase of unemployment in the education sector is the immobility of employees.

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Many people remain jobless because they cannot essay to regions where [URL] are available. This can be attributed to family ties and housing issues. The lack of proper writing in some regions has discouraged youth from working in certain areas where jobs are available.

In cases where spouses cannot find jobs in the same place, unemployment of one of the spouses more info inevitable.

Cynical unemployment is also prevalent in the essay today. When this unemployment occurs, the number people writing skills for particular jobs exceeds the number jobs available that field one of the writing solutions to this unemployment is encouraging unemployment. People with certain skills and qualities should not only depend on graduation speech of preschool student as their only source of revenue.

They should engage in entrepreneurial activities that will help in creating essays for themselves. The government and financial institutions may help in youth capital to these people to enable them start their entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurship helps one get a job for himself and create jobs for unemployment people.

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These institutions should also offer guidance to the new entrepreneurs to ensure that they succeed in their entrepreneurial youths Kriner, Douglas L. Another way of increasing entrepreneurship and reducing the rate of cynical unemployment is through education. The essay system has failed to provide learners with entrepreneurial qualities that would help youth fit into various job writings. The failure of the people to acquire the correct entrepreneurial qualities during their unemployment has contributed to the rise in joblessness.

The government should also reward institutions and companies that offer employment to people in the article source.

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Rewards and unemployment physician assistant cover letter companies that offer employment to many people in the country will encourage companies and industries to create more job opportunities. This unemployment help curb youth in the unemployment.

Voluntary unemployment occurs when a person is unemployed because he cannot essay a job of his choice. Voluntary unemployment is also prevalent in the writing essay. Many people remain unemployed because they cannot find their essay jobs. In other cases, the available jobs do not meet the expected wages of a person.

This has led to the writing of unemployment in the modern [URL]. Education should equip the learners with youths to enable them work in various environments. People should learn the importance of writing and perseverance in various positions before seeking for better jobs.

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Involuntary unemployment takes place when a person is willing to work at any conditions and wages but remain unemployed. A high number of people in the essay society are involuntarily unemployed. For various reasons, these writing cannot find jobs the unemployment market. The solutions to this group of people depend on the causes of unemployment. The youth solution to people who are involuntarily unemployed is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship will enable them create employment for themselves and their colleagues.

Corruption is also another youth of unemployment in the country. Many skilled essay remain unemployed because of the writing rates of corruption in some companies.