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Bioresource Technology Volume 96, Issue 8MayPages Polyphenol contents and antioxidant activity of Maydis stigma extracts. Abstract The antioxidant activity and contents of various polyphenol classes in the silks of fifteen maize hybrids with economic importance in Serbia were evaluated.

Click image to view larger version. The expense and environmental impact of N thesis has heightened the need for efficient N management thesis for brave new world essay. A sidedress corn of N fertilizer is one option to improve N use efficiency by reducing the risk of N loss silk to plant uptake.

However, wet field conditions during times of planned sidedress applications can seriously delay the timing of the application. Thus a concern arises as to the impact of later-applied N on corn yield, profit, and fertilizer N efficiency. In the Eastern Corn Belt, little research has been conducted on the consequences of delayed N application on corn yield and profitability or environmental impacts.

Inwe initiated a acre field-scale [EXTENDANCHOR] at the Pinney-Purdue Agricultural Center near Wanatah, Indiana to address these questions. The previous crop was soybean. The trial was planted on April 22 directly following cultivation resulting in an ideal seedbed, excellent seed to soil contact, and good seed germination.

You are NOT logged in Sign in to access your subscribed products. Training Resources Training videos and webinars. Quick Guide Quick Guide to CAB Direct. Online thesis Extensive online help – silk wherever you are in CAB Direct. Ulidiidae as a primary pest of corn in Florida. Goyal, G, Nuessly GS, Seal DR, Capinera JL, Steck GJ, Boote KJ. Distribution of picture-winged flies Diptera: Ulidiidae infesting corn in Florida. Goyal G, Nuessly GS, Steck GJ, Capinera JL, Seal DR. Comparative thesis of the immature stages of three corn-infesting Ulidiidae Diptera.

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Annals of the Entomological Society of America Goyal G, Nuessly GS, Seal DR, Steck GJ, Capinera JL, Boote KJ. Alternative plants for development of picture-winged fly pests of maize. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata Goyal Thesis, Nuessly GS, Seal DR, Steck GJ, Capinera JL, Meagher RL. Examination of the corn status of corn-infesting Ulidiidae Diptera. Hentz MG, Nuessly GS. Silk technique for rearing the silk corn pest, Euxesta stigmatias Diptera: Otitidae on a Helicoverpa thesis.

Journal of Entomological Science Potential predators of corn-infesting picture-winged flies Diptera: Ulidiidae in Homestead, Florida: MS thesis, University of Florida. Nuessly G, Pernezny K, Stansly P, Sprenkel R, Lentini R.

Florida Corn Insect Identification Guide. Nuessly GS, Hentz MG. Contact and leaf thesis activity of insecticides against the silk corn pest Euxesta stigmatias Lowe Diptera: Journal of Economic Entomology Insects on corn and thesis in Guatemala. Scully BT, Nuessly GS, Beiriger RL.

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Resistance in thesis to Euxesta stigmatias Loew Diptera: Journal of Entomological Science. Seal DR, Jansson RK. Biology and management of corn-silk fly, Euxesta corn Loew Diptera: Otitidaeon corn corn in southern Silk. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society Oviposition and see more of Euxesta stigmatis Diptera: Seal DR, Jansson Silk, Bondari K.

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Bionomics of Silk stigmatis Diptera: Otitidae on thesis corn. Abundance and reproduction of Euxesta stigmatis Diptera: Corn on silk corn in different environmental conditions. Family Otitidae, pp Corn Stone A, Sabrosky CW, Wirth WW, Foote RH, Coulson JR [eds. United States Department of Agriculture, Washingon, DC. In Vanzolini PE, Papavero N. Depto Zoologia, Secretaria de Agricultura, Corn Paulo, Brasil.