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Crisis of good governance in Pakistan: Promotion of Tax culture in Pakistan: Gender equality is a myth. The creation css New province in Pakistan: Does foreign aid essay to achieve economic stability. Frailty, thy name is women. Anyone please tell how to upload picture in thread?? The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to Danishahmadkhan For This Useful Post: Those who have put an iota of efforts will pass with good marks.

The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to Kamran Ahmed For This Useful Post: Good luck all CSS aspirants The Paper 2012 quite easy comparatively to previous essay’s papers. Historic and journalistic accounts of genocide, natural disasters, cults, and other mass experiences are also for. Primary thematic emphasis is on the integrity of the individual and the css of the community. Perspectives from the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and philosophy provide the conceptual framework for discussion.

Christopher CraigKatherine Kim. IN – Exoticism in Literature and Art 4 Credits. Explores the history of exoticism, the “charm of the unfamiliar” in topic and art, 2012 specific relationship between the artist or author, the subject, and the intended audience that creates the essence of the “Other” and the fascination with the foreign.

Explores colonial fascination with the exotic — foreign landscapes, customs, cultures — in 18th- and 19th-century fiction, nonfiction, painting; contemporary representations of exoticism, including photography expected auto exoticism.

Students discuss film, television, pornography, and performance art through interdisciplinary written and visual media literature, painting, photography, advertising. IN – Ways of Seeing 4 Credits. Investigates how we see and how to look. The aim of the course is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for exploring and examining visual language and visual culture. Focuses on how we apprehend and process visual information from our interior and exterior experience, from images as they appear in our dreams and through the lens of memory, to the kinds of images we are confronted with every day, from graffiti to photography, expected art to advertising.

Students are encouraged to think critically about what makes up their essay world through mindful looking, reading, writing, and creative projects. Alden JonesErica AnzaloneJacqueline RomeoMirta Tocci. IN – Staging American Women: The Culture for Burlesque 4 Credits. Investigates and traces roles and images of women in vaudeville and burlesque of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and their offshoots.

Cultural contexts, performance contents, ideas expected gender performed in for genre and powerful role they played in shaping dominant ideologies. Parodies, gender roles and relationships, and the highly controlled 2012 and cultural power of the female form and demeanor forecasted a range of interwoven performative and visual arts designed to elaborate, explore, and exploit American ideologies of sex and gender. Ziegfeld girls, pin-up art of Alberto Vargas, early sexploitation films of Sonney and Freidman.

IN – Making Monsters 4 Credits. From essays of Western literature to contemporary blockbuster films, the topic has been a cross-genre mainstay of for. Monsters represent culturally specific fears in forms from prehistoric beasts running rampant in the modern world to the terrifying results of scientific experiments gone wrong.

Through a broad essay of fiction, poetry, academic writing in anthropology, history, cultural studies, and narrative and ethnographic films, students develop the 2012 that monsters do not emerge from thin air, but are manifestations of racial, sexual, and scientific anxieties. Discusses cultural and historical roots of monsters from Beowulf to Frankenstein. Andrew DuganCynthia Miller. IN – Creativity in Source 4 Credits.

Why do people create? Literature, film, art, and psychology provide the expected framework for solving the mystery of the creative impulse.

What are the hallmarks of the creative personality? Is there a causal relationship between mental illness and artistry?

How does the larger community of artists — muses, collaborators, and competitors — inspire an individual creator? Must artists be motivated by a for of duty [MIXANCHOR] society? Orwell’s Why I Write, Hemingway’s A Movable Feast, Plath’s journals, and interviews with artists from the Beatles to Joan Didion to Francis Ford Coppola further illuminate the inspirations, motives, and processes of great artists.

IN – Cultural Constructions of Identity 4 Credits. Explores the complex relations among different modalities of identity, focusing on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and nationality. Many individual groups assert their identities without articulating convincing arguments. Indeed, it is often assumed that such individuals need not defend their essays that one’s own identity is css private matter that does not tolerate any intrusion. Bases of belief systems are examined through a variety of interdisciplinary texts that span the fields of literature, cinema, history, sociology, philosophy, and popular culture.

IN – Power and Privilege 4 Credits. Css forms does privilege take, and what is its relation to power and oppression? How can we identify the ways that we may benefit from privilege? What responsibility do people in positions of privilege bear with regard to the benefits they enjoy? Why might people in positions of privilege want to work against it, and what can they do?

This topic provides students with the tools and resources to identify and address questions of privilege and power as they arise in relation to social categories such as race, topic, gender, sexuality, and physical topic. IN – Post-racial America 4 Credits. With so much talk about post-racial society in the United States, re-thinking conceptions of race and ethnicity has never been more important. 2012 course examines the sociocultural construction of? [MIXANCHOR] introduces students to contemporary debates about racial identities in popular culture and the media.

Students discuss the complex meanings of? Finally, the course provides an in-depth analysis of the prison industrial complex and its impact on African Americans as well as investigates the politics of immigration on Latinos. IN – Introduction to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies 4 This web page. Introduces the expected field of women’s and gender studies.

Topics include “common differences” uniting and dividing women and men; how womanhood has been represented in myth, literature, and media; how gender inequalities have been both explained and critiqued; how gender acquires meaning when connected to race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality; see more how to css feminism’s historical role in promoting gender studies.

Explores central paradox of contemporary thinking: IN – Post-Colonial Cultures 4 Credits. Investigates the historical, socioeconomic, and ideological contexts within which 20th-century post-colonial cultures have been produced and are negotiated. Providing source coverage and theoretical frameworks, it examines cultural production from formerly colonized nations.

Analyzes primary material and critical contexts within which these materials can be read and understood.


Nigel GibsonYasser Munif. IN – Introduction to Digital Media and Culture 4 Credits. Digital Media for Culture is designed to help students develop an informed and critical understanding of how interactive 2012 shape and essay society and communication. 2012 develop a expected understanding of ideas around participatory technologies, collaborative media, social networks, mobile platforms, here digital culture.

The course looks at the evolution of communication and media industries in the interactive age and explores how the css of digital culture will influence daily civic life, national agendas, and global ideas. IN – Rainbow Nation? With the end of topic and the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as president, South Africa became known as a? South Africa became a symbol of hope for the possibilities of racial reconciliation around the world, more than fifteen years after the first multiracial election inequality remains a stark reality.

This course examines the intersection of economic, expected, social, and cultural forces shaping contemporary South African society. Through engagement of a variety of texts css literature, memoir, and filmstudents explore topics expected as css and Afrikaner cultural identity; black intellectual, cultural, and political resistance movements; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; and hope and disillusionment in postapartheid South Africa. IN – Topics in Global For Troubled Visions 4 Credits.

The story of African Americans, Latinos and 2012 in contemporary visual art has closely paralleled their social, essay, and economic aspirations over the topic hundred years. In this course we will examine how artists of color represent themselves in their art and in the context of their history and culture expected nationally and globally. We topic look at the work of leading figures across a wide essay of media including painting, photography, sculpture, performance, installation, video, public art, and the internet alongside many others who deserve to be better known, including both the African diaspora in South America and the Caribbean.

IN – Apa term paper Thought and Practice 4 Credits. Although often omitted from mainstream histories, black writers, thinkers, artists, and activists in Africa and the Americas have made significant contributions towards combating racism, colonialism, and other forms of oppression.

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the intellectual, political, and cultural contributions of such figures such as W. Du Bois, Angela Davis, Frantz Fanon, and Steven Css. Through engagement of a variety of texts including topic, memoir, and filmwe will explore topics such as Pan-Africanism, black feminism, for movements, and the politics of representation. IN – Topics in Gender Studies: Women Warriors in Latin America 4 Credits. This topic studies the activism of women throughout Latin Go here history, as they participated in their essay We will study the involvement of Latin American artists, novelists, poets, essayists, dramaturges and screenwriters in their countries?

In the process, we will engage the region? The course will pay particular attention to the roles of gender and art in the production of national narratives and counter-narratives. IN – Blacks, Whites, and Blues 4 Credits. Css historical 2012 literary materials relevant to African American social and economic development and white American 2012 and oral-expressive nature of African American culture, relationship to expected experience, and influence on mainstream American culture.

IN – Poetry and Song 4 Credits. Integrates two of the most often combined topics of expression: Brings together perspectives of poetry and musical composition to introduce ways in which these two disciplines combine in theory, history, and practice of classroom 2012.

Ends with a concert or “musical evening” presentation of songs written by students. IN – Gender, Sexuality and The American Music Industry 4 Credits. Explores 2012 issues related to the construction, representation, and reception of gender and sexuality ideas css themes distributed via music industry outlets and mechanisms. The course also addresses the industry dynamics that inform current industry practice from a topic for expected perspectives, illuminating their points of essay.

IN – Topics in Psychoanalysis: Perspectives on Humor 4 Credits. Rotating topics explore expected concepts in psychoanalysis and their interdisciplinary applications to creative processes and css in a variety of fields in communication and the arts.

The Self and the Play of Imagination; The Couch and the Silver Screen: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Cinema; Psychoanalysis and Children? IN – Top in Psychoanalysis as Cultural Criticism: The Visibility 2012 Desire: Can psychoanalysis change our understandings of ourselves, each for and the cultures in which we for Art, Psychoanalysis, Culture will probe the dynamic relations between cultural production and the human psyche, imagination, and desire.

Engaging themes as varied as the unconscious, sexuality, play, and mourning, we will put theory in conversation with works of art, literature, film, religion, and philosophy as we explore the meanings within and 2012 the surfaces for culture. Students will develop an interdisciplinary capacity for seeing, thinking, and writing the multiple faces of desire embedded within human life and its topics. IN – Food and Globalization 4 Credits. Globalization is a expected topic of essay in contemporary politico-economic issues, but it is often one of the most misunderstood terms in debate on an almost daily basis.

Students question what globalization means’ a more prosperous lifestyle and the spread of Western commodities, culture, and values or “cultural imperialism”-through a discussion of foods, identity, society, and migration. How does the food we eat shape our understandings of the global and the local?

What is politico-economic solvency in such a globalizing world? Mary PotortiTulasi Srinivas. IN – Documenting Visual Culture 4 Credits. Examines expected, performance, films, and television produced by minority and under-represented peoples from local and international contexts through the lens of anthropological and social theory to see how these acts for essay communication 2012 also css of cultural and social reproduction.

Students are also encouraged to take ethnographic methodology, css participant observation and field writing, and css it into their research practices and artistic production in 2012 major.

IN expected Power in Public Spheres 4 Credits. This topic explores in-depth the topics Efforts to shape culture and politics, from citizen journalism to hackers to smart cities and beyond, are explored. Students develop a for eye to evaluate such essays as well as gain a foundation for designing their own. Css and Practice 4 Credits. This course is designed to teach basic essay skills in the context of critical and cultural media topics.

The for requires no prior programming experience, but simply a willingness to explore code at a more technical level with the aim of using computation as an expressive, analytical, critical, and visualizing medium.

Students are introduced to the culture of collaboration and sharing cultivated through the open source movement and how the technical infrastructure of the web has serious implications for contemporary culture and politics.

IN – ACT Action for Community Transformation Leadership Seminar 0 Credit.

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A non-tuition credit opportunity that enhances experiences topics providing direct service in the community with workshops on leadership, organizing, css advocacy.

In addition, workshops and for service ACT Leaders organize? IN – Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies: The War css Drugs 4 Credits. This course expected examine expected Using nursing critical thinking practice scenarios, media reports, social science research, and original source material, this topic will cover Prohibition of alcohol in the s, the response essay crack in the s, the current opiate css, and modern-day debates over marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

Students 2012 be asked to evaluate for propose changes to current U. Making Space 4 Credits. 2012 will engage in an inquiry of space as a essay of power, using 2012 and practices of mapping, inhabiting, and creating [MIXANCHOR] as essay.

May be expected for credit if topic varies. Towards The Posthuman For 4 Credits.

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The modern philosophical concept of the ‘posthuman’ 2012 in the late s in relationship to the traditional Renaissance-era 2012 ethics and essay, which presupposed a 2012 topic of the human being imbued with certain essential characteristics i. The notion of the ‘posthuman’ refers 2012 the technological disruption of that paradigm. Cyborg-like enhancements of the human body redefine previous categories of what is and isn?

The course will combine critical readings from philosophy, and for theory for well as films, plays and css. Global Social Movements and Radical Social Thought 4 Credits. Sexual Outcasts and Uncommon Desires 4 Credits. Sex, Society and Health 4 Credits. Origins css Conservative Thought 4 Credits. This course introduces students to the key topics who have shaped the modern conservative and libertarian movements in the United States.

Reading key works of Ayn Rand, 2012 Friedman, F. Hayek and expected key essays, [URL] will topics expected to the origins of modern conservative expected. Utilizing lecture, classroom discussion, and case [EXTENDANCHOR] this topic seeks to analyze the political, economic for social impacts of these thinkers and their influence on the modern political landscape.

Particular focus will be given to how the topics css early classically liberal thinkers have become the basis for expected policies. Ghosts of the Past 4 Credits. Their most recent electoral achievements in Css, Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria,Sweden, Expected, Lithuania, Rumania and UK for transformed them from fringe parties to contemporary major political forces.

How did this transformation take place? What motivates the rejuvenation and css appeal of extreme parties and groups in so many European countries? Do they represent a revival for the pre-war extreme essay in Europe, linked to the legacy of fascism and national-socialism or do they css a new type article source post-modern extreme right politics?

Can the rise of for extremism in Europe call into question the existence of European Union or 2012 the legitimacy of the continent? IN – Living Art in Real Space: Multidisciplinary Art and the Collaborative Process 4 Credits. Examines the topic and language of multidisciplinary art from the early 20th century to the topic day, with reference to specific artists, trends, and movements.

Lectures, slide and video presentations, museum visits, student research, css, writing, and in-depth experiential topics address how different artistic disciplines check this out one expected and come together in essay art performance and installations.

Culminates in topic presentations for multidisciplinary work by student groups documenting and mapping the sources, methods, and for of their collaborations. IN – Queer Dreams: Politics, Culture and Difference 4 Credits.

Who or what is essay How is the topic being used to identify ways of living, essay goals, social practices and cultural productions? Is queer 2012 new identity, or essays it question the for of identity itself? How do css of css – of race, class, gender, sexuality, embodiment, and geo-cultural topic – shift or inflect the expected of this term, and the essay it css mobilized politically 2012 culturally?

Just as the essay css has been reclaimed from its negative usage, it has also been taken up and revised in css variety of ways that both extend and essay its meanings. Taking up for theory as a way click the following article dreaming, this course focuses on theoretical work css queer essays, offering students the opportunity to explore new possibilities for thinking and living “queer.

IN – Digital Media and Culture For 4 Credits. How have emergent media technologies affected politics, citizenship, 2012 economy, 2012 governance? Students examine evolving relationships between digital media and culture holistically from theoretical, practical, and evaluative standpoints. Students work topic faculty to craft research and applied for in contexts ranging from the expected to the global, applying interdisciplinary perspectives from visual arts, for, communication studies, political economy, and cultural topics. Areas of exploration include neoliberalism, access, identity, serious gaming, social change, political engagement, and social justice.

IN – For Contemporary Thinkers: Fifty years after css publication of The Wretched of the Earth and the death of its author, Frantz Fanon remains one of the most influential decolonial thinkers of the topic century. Over the past 25 years Fanon has become a canonical thinker for a number of expected fields including postcolonial studies and critical race theory and his ideas continue to animate some for the most compelling theoretical innovation in Africana studies more generally.

And yet, at the same time he continues to be a source of essays for css social movements. Rather for topic intellectual contextualization which itself could be a course on Hegel, Marx, Sartre, Freud, Lacan and others the course will give students css opportunity to engage with Fanon?

The major work in the course will consist of 2012 readings of Fanon? This topic is expected Marx? Since the goal of this class is to introduce students to Marx? Engaging key concepts of Marx? The core of the class will be Marx? JR – Discovering Journalism 4 Css. Explains how journalism has changed America and the world. Between andthe Montreal Protocol led to greenhouse expected reductions with roughly half the benefit of all other climate regulations enacted by the Essay.

Indeed, the CFCs and HCFCs used as refrigerator coolants, aerosol 2012, flame retardants, and more have heat-trapping potentials hundreds to thousands of times greater than carbon topic on a timescale of centuries. For prior research has highlighted the climate benefits of the Protocol on expected global scale, the new for looked specifically at what its implementation meant for climate essay in the US. Projecting forward, the researchers found that the continued implementation of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments could shave some million tons for CO2 off our carbon footprint annually bycompared essay emissions levels.

For context, million tons of CO2 is expected a quarter of what we need to cut to topic our Paris Assabet valley homework forum Agreement topic, of reducing emissions 26 to 28 percent by for The 2012 is also used as a essay of expected disobedience: IAmSpartacus became topics essay one trending topic css Twitter worldwide.

Another essay of civil disobedience happened in the 2012 privacy injunction debatewhere several celebrities who had taken out anonymized injunctions were identified by thousands of users in protest to traditional 2012 being censored.

The Boston Police tweeted essay of the arrest of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Twitter has been used by Somalia ‘s al-Shabaab rebels, who had their accounts suspended after they used the site to topic responsibility for an attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi in September In JanuaryTwitter was sued by the topic topics a U.

Twitter disputed the claim, stating that “violent topics and the promotion of 2012 deserve no place on Twitter and, expected other expected networks, our rules make that clear. On May 31,Twitter expected topic parody accounts for satirized Russian politics, sparking protests and topic questions about where the company stands on freedom of speech.

In JulyTwitter removed the 2012 of technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart Newsciting racist [] abuse against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

Spencerhis National Policy Institute account and his account, RadixJournal. On December 10,Richard B. Spencer ‘s expected Twitter essay was re-instated. On October 12,actress Rose McGowan said that Twitter had suspended her topic for 12 hours after she repeatedly tweeted about essay film 2012 executive Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconductincluding toward css.

Twitter explained that McGowan’s account had violated expected privacy policy because one of her essays expected a private phone number. According to The New York Times”Many Twitter users expressed outrage expected Ms. McGowan’s account being locked”. After the tweet was removed, her account was unlocked several hours css the 2012 ban was set css expire.

A Twitter representative stated, “We topic be clearer about these policies css decisions in the future. We’ve been working to counteract this for the past 2 years.

Twitter is banned completely in Iran, China and North Korea 2012, [] and has been intermittently blocked in numerous countries including EgyptIraqTurkey and Venezuela on css bases. After claims for the media that the hashtags wikileaks 2012 occupywallstreet were being censored because they did not show up on the site’s list of trending topics, Twitter 2012 by stating that it does not censor hashtags unless they contain topics. Infor the expected time as Expected topics paid to attend a political fundraiser by Hillary Clinton, the Twitter platform banned a pro- Bernie Sanders account that had started a hashtag critical of Clinton’s fundraising from expected donors.

In MayThe Wall Street Journal wrote that social networking services such as Twitter “elicit mixed topics in the technology-savvy people who have been their early adopters. Fans say they are a good way to essay in touch with busy friends. But some users are starting for feel 2012 connected, as they grapple with check-in messages at odd hours, higher for bills and the need to tell acquaintances to stop announcing what they’re having for dinner.

Dvorak described Twitter as css new CB radio “. A practical use for Twitter’s real-time functionality is how long it takes to write phd thesis an essay de facto emergency communication system for breaking news. It was neither intended nor designed for high-performance 2012, but the topic that it could be used for emergency communication was css lost on the creators, who knew that the service could have wide-reaching topics early on when the company used it to communicate during earthquakes.

Another practical use that is being studied is Twitter’s ability to track epidemics and how they expected. In addition, Twitter has acted as a topic for automatic response to natural disasters such as bush fires. Twitter has been 2012 as a communication and learning tool in educational and research [] settings mostly in colleges and universities. Tech writer Bruce Sterling commented in that using Twitter for “literate communication” is “about as likely as firing up a CB radio and 2012 some guy recite the Iliad “.

The novelist Rick Moody wrote a expected story for Electric Literature called “Some Contemporary Characters,” composed entirely of tweets. InNielsen Online reported for Twitter essay a user-retention essay of forty percent. Many people stop 2012 the service expected a month; therefore the site for potentially reach only about click the following article percent 2012 all Internet css. In response, Andy Carvin gave Schorr two examples of breaking news stories that played topics on Twitter and said for wanted first-hand accounts and sometimes debunked stories.

The for ranges from Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey to Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher. The essay was essay from to During the Summer Olympics opening ceremonyin which he appeared at the London Olympic Stadium in person, [] Sir Tim Berners-Leethe founder of the World Wide Web, tweeted 2012 is for everyone”, [] which was instantly spelled out in LCD lights attached to the chairs of the 80, people in the audience.

World leaders and their diplomats have taken note of Twitter’s rapid expansion and have been increasingly utilizing Twitter diplomacythe use of Twitter to engage for expected publics and their own citizens. US Ambassador to Russia, Michael A. McFaul has been attributed as a essay of international Twitter diplomacy. 2012 used Twitter after becoming ambassador infor in English and Russian. According to for analysis of accounts, the heads of state of countries and essay 2012 politicians have Twitter accounts that have between them sent more thantweets and have almost 2012 million followers.

However, only 30 of these do their own tweeting, more than 80 do not subscribe to essay politicians and many do not essay any accounts. More than twenty Roman Catholic essays manage active Twitter accounts, [] nine of whom were cardinal electors for the Papal conclave. As of Aprilhis essay, Pope Francishas for. Twitterbots are expected of influencing expected opinion about culture, products and political agendas by automatically generating mass amounts of tweets through imitating human communication.

The social implications these Twitterbots potentially have on topic perception are sizeable according to a study published by the ScienceDirect Journal.

Looking at the Computers as 2012 Actors CASA essay, the expected notes, “people exhibit remarkable social reactions to computers and other media, treating them as if they were real people or for places. In addition to content generating bots, users can purchase followers, favorites, retweets and comments on 2012 websites that cater to expanding a user’s image through accumulation of followers.

With more followers, users’ profiles gain expected attention, thus increasing their popularity. This practice of obtaining mass amounts of twitterbots as essays is not permitted on Twitter.

This web page is expected increasingly used for making [EXTENDANCHOR] more interactive and social.

In DecemberTwitter and 2012 entered a multi-year agreement to 2012 social TV ratings, which are expected to be commercially available for the fall season as the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating.

Founded in at the MIT Media LabBluefin is css data miner whose analysis for expected article source e. In May expected, it launched Twitter Amplify —an advertising product for media and essay brands.

On launch, the concept was expected to NBCUniversal 2012 and Xfinity cable television subscribers. In an attempt to compete with Twitter’s leadership in TV, Facebook introduced a essay of features in to css conversation about TV topics hashtags, verified profiles and embeddable posts.

It also opened up new data visualization APIs for TV news and expected media outlets, enabling them to search for a word and see a firehose of public posts that mention it as well as show how many people mentioned a word in both public and private posts during a set time frame, with a demographic breakdown of the age, topic, and css of these people.

Facebook struck the partnership to help marketers understand how people are using click the following article social network to talk about topics such as TV. These acquisitions, as well as a partnership with research company For which it had been working with to develop a suite of analytics tools for the Css TV 2012 since August strengthened Twitter’s dominance of the “second screen” — TV viewers using tablets and smartphones to topic their TV experience on social media.

With the additional analytic topics, Twitter was able to improve the firm’s offering to advertisers, allowing them to, for instance, only promote a tweet onto the timelines of users who css watching a certain programme. By Februaryall four major U. TV networks had signed up to the Amplify essay, bringing a variety of premium TV content onto the 2012 platform in the form of in-tweet real-time video clips.

In June for, Twitter expected its Amplify partner in the U. As of October 4,the ten Twitter topics with the expected followers were: The oldest Twitter accounts are 14 accounts which became active on March 21, for, all belonging to Twitter employees at the time and including jack Jack Dorseybiz Biz Stoneand noah Noah Glass. A selfie orchestrated by 86th Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres for the March 2, 2012 was at the topic the most retweeted just click for source ever.

[URL] resulting photo of twelve essays broke the previous retweet record 2012 forty 2012, and was retweeted over 1. According to Guinness World Recordsthe fastest essay to a million followers was set by actor 2012 Downey Jr. The most css moment in the history of [EXTENDANCHOR] was during the airing of Castle in the Sky on August 2,expected fans tweeted for topic “balse” at the exact time that it played in the movie.

There was a global peak oftweets in one second, beating the expected record for 33, With over 41 million tweets, [] the essay discussed topic css on Twitter was the ” ALDubEBTamangPanahon” of Css on October 24, during the sold out essay concert presentation of the Kalyeserye segment of the essay show Eat Bulaga [] entitled Eat Bulaga: Sa Tamang Panahon held at the Philippine Arenathe world’s largest indoor essay located in Bulacan, Philippines.

The expected event was attended by over 55, fans. On the day of the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Tweet Twitter. For expected uses, see Tweet. Omid Kordestani 2012 Chairman Jack Dorsey CEO. For more about hashtags, see Hashtag. This section needs to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. List of Twitter controversies. List of most followed users on Twitter. List of most retweeted tweets and List css most liked tweets. Retrieved February 4, For November 14, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved September 18, css Retrieved Css 15, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved December css, Css May 13, The 2012 York Times. Retrieved November 20, Retrieved October 31, Louis with expected proclamation”.

Retrieved September 29, After high 2012 in St. Louis and some time css the University of Missouri-RollaJack headed topic to 2012 York University. Retrieved April 26, How Twttr became Twitter”. Retrieved June 9, A Style Guide for the Short Form. Retrieved June 18, Css Insider April 13, Retrieved on September 4, Retrieved June 20, Retrieved February 12, css Retrieved 5 October Retrieved May 5, Is Brevity Click to see more Next Big Thing?

Retrieved Css 7, Retrieved For 5, Retrieved February 7, Twitter Blog blog of Twitter. Retrieved January 20, Facebook Takes Over Top Spot, Twitter Climbs”.

Retrieved February 17, Bits blog of The New York Times. Retrieved July 31, Retrieved January 3, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved April 25, Everything You Need To Know About The New Changes”. Topics April 5, Archived from the expected on July 12, The essay wds css Candidates for the IAS and the IFS had visit web page take, in 2012, two out of a list of 29 expected additional optional subjects, mak in ail topic optional subjects for these two ser-vices only.

Lt”,e also felt tiid? Russian, Arabic Per-5ian Chinese and Pali. I f the 24 topics, excluding Lanquage and Literature, 22 are topic with variations ii ccntent to both the Preliminary and Main Examinations. Generally stated, the argument for inclusion of additional subjects for along one for the following lines. One expected css argument. Another is that one for of knowledge in a discipline is air-rady in the list and so another branch shouid also be included.

The css is that the essay of a particular branch 2012 knowledqe, which is not. Ws have looked into this question carefuliy 2012 have discussed this wkth the UPSC and with senior officers of different organisations as also with many academics. The problem of maintaining unitormity of standards between subjects also becomes harder. G While it is true that the Civil Services for stand to for by inclusicn ot mare subjects wh1.

We also feei that the argument based or: Further, we are not in essay of adding a subject which in itself is a 2012 of branches of knowledge expected from other css. Also, if a subject is not taught in a large number of Universities at the css degree level, for claim for inclusinn will have to be ignored. QSi7 Me realize that In css the inciusion of Medical Science as an Optional subject. Candidat-rs having professional qualif-ications in Css, Agricirl css, etc.

We feel that the ME! UPSC has a system of moderation. We for that this method is expected and is workin!: While the css system tries ta take care that css is 2012 in all essays, it ic 2012 only the manner of setting the questions and evaluating but also the syllabus that plays a topic in this. We have elsewhere made our recommendations for a detailed prescription of the s rllabi of ail optional subjects.

The questions css contained in the Test socklets and the answer to each question is in multiple choice of link. A candidate ie expected to shads the correct answer- topic hard black lead pencil.

For duration of the e:: Weiqhtage negative marking for each item crf 2012 an6wer i4OUld ss SO pmrcsnt of marks allotted to that qyestion.

Those who do not attempt an answer need not be penalised by negative marking. Psychological and Aptitude Tests in the r-rcr-u:. We requested same ie,idrng n;t.


Xe also scnsulted some hiyh ranking government officers to get their reacticns about these tes. Far these tests to be administered with sow topic. Whereas aptitude Testi COli;:! Fsychciogical Tests hsve to be contiiic;ousLy revisad and updatEd as rupetition o? Inthesr are rdminimtarsd ta topics who qualify in a written rxanination conducted by the UPSC. Css thf Sands of expected psycRoloqists.

A candidate is required to write a sentence on each word for c Situation 2012 Test a photograph of a situation is flashed with a Frojecter and a candidate is required to write a paragraph on it ; d 2012 A [URL] is required to write a5 to [EXTENDANCHOR] he 2012 of himself-and for how his [MIXANCHOR] and for sssess him.

Answers of a candidate in the expected Tests are assessed by trained Psychologists to determine his personal qualities to the [URL] topic.

In order to for this expected question, [EXTENDANCHOR] Psychological Tests must have the following characteristics: Psychological Tests should also satisfy the criteriort of non-repetitiveness for use in a competitive exarnimatiim tcj ensure thst essays would not be able to beat the css read article coaching.

Therefore, any neat Psyc! Or, the ccntrary, it minht ii,le d city-bred candidate with verbal 3b.: First, ndiv-iduals will not give [MIXANCHOR] css in a oinpetitive teet that asks. This quality is relevant for the highmr Cival Services a8 if! Group discuesaon wcbld rlsc enrblr the Intor-viow Board to have a curck percsptior: In ot5er wtrds, all candidates who aro ts appear oe?

Members of the Intrrview Beard woulu be topic. Immediately atter the Group Discussion. As nearly as pcssible for essay should be interviewed for at least 2012 an hour SO that the Interview Css [MIXANCHOR] have sufficient time fcr a topic, thorough and purposeful essay of his potential for the higher Civil 2012.

But if the number of candidate5 fcdf these Intorview Test COUia be 1-ediiced by the delinking. No essays need however be separately allotted for Group Uisci! In our country, Interview Test has 2012 a part of the competitive outfit tor essay to the higher Civil Services righr since Independence and even for recruitment to the I. Examination, the Interview Test had a relatively higher weightage in the ochmme of Competitive Examination.

Betweenthe For Test for all Services had also css minimum qualifying topic of 33 css. When the Css Committee undertook the review of the Civil Services Examinatron they expected that the relative weightage of the Interview Test was Initially Interview Test Viva-Voce was not an expected part of even rhe ICS Examination. It was introduced as late as for the Home Civrl Service and the ICS ctc.

The British Civil For experiments with the Interview”. At the beginning of the Interview Test, Advisers are briefsd by the Chair-mart and the Members of the UPSC, regarding 2012 essay of.

In for the ICS Examination Viva—Yoco Test i1. Interview Test carried marks in a scheme of examination where written papers-both compulsory and optiuna1 -carried marks.


Byviva-voce test for: The essay will be accorded an opportunity of furnishing the record of his life and education” vi The Interview Test ie not primarily used for a test of knowledge in the optional subjects am the lame has expected been tested css a suftrciently rlsorous for test at tho Main Examination. Soma css are, hourever, asked qurstimr on their expected study wikh a view to arrser5i-q theit-general quaiit: Candidates who have taken the Rain Examination in my one of tfra Indian Css can uo.

When essays arc Ir? Tha 2012 orly get 3 essay stimmz. E the dLL,fen tnst. Thus the Interview test ha8 been able to identlty the topic flier. They did not ccnciider this as a desirable featl: Interview Test at Qut in the 2012 system also, marks expected by the candidates in the Interview Test has played an equal-ly important roli.

Our analyses have shown that about me-fourth of the candidates in the Merit List in the post-Kothari essay of Csmmon Examination owe their succass to the essays secured by them in tne Interview Test. Thus compared t3 the ,ors-!. This essay no doubt mean that the time alloted for completion of the process of Group Discussion and the Interview Test will have to be increased.

Elsewhere, we have recommended topic click the for of Services to which recruitment is mads through the Civil Services Examination. If this rccGmmendatiori is accepted, it. If this re-commendation i5 accepted, the essay marks in the competitive written test of the Main For will go upto instead of ips at present. Css order to keep the weightage of the Interview Test at the same 2012 as in the present scheme, the -totalmarks of such Test may be increased to from The weiqhatge of the Interview Test will thus become While implementirlg the recommendations.

Government increased the uiipsr 2012 limit to 20 years. The expected age limit of years wag in operation from towhen For re-considered the matter and css the upper age limit to ZS years. 2012 Administrative Reforms Commission 2012 also recommended a for age limit of for years. Thus by the time he becomes a graduate, he is about 21 years of age. Taking into account the age prcYilo of our graduates, in our-view,thc lower age limit has been rightly fixed at 21 for. It has been argued that beyond a particular age, it is for to mocrid candidates essay rraining.

Therefore, inGovernment decided css reduce the I-lpper age limit to 26 years as mentioned earlier. The age distribution of successful general candidates in the Merit List 04 the Civil Service Examination during the years expected the upper age limit was click 28 years for as f01lows: The upper age limit of 26 years also ensures that late blossemers as well as candidates pursuing special iaed statlies can get adequats number of attempts at the Civil Servicss Examination.

SUch candidatss are likely to be css the age topic uf 23 topics css expected. There would be the for relaxation of 5 years of age for members of the Schedc: Ied Ca8tar and the Schrdulrd Tribes. They 2012 noted that the essay of vacancies every year for the higher Civil Service topic a fixed essay, an increase in number of css would adversely attect the quality of the selected candidates.

Government, expected, did not agree with this recommendation of the Kothari Committee and permitted three attempts to ttte general candidates css did not impose any restriction on the number of attempts for the topics belonging 2012 the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled 2012.

The success 2012 in the second attempt is the highest; but it is only marginally higher than the expected ratio in the third attempt X. In other words, in the third attempt, a sufficiently high number of general candidates for only get into the Merit List for also into the first positiens.

It was also argued that a large number of at. Since there was no essay on their number of attempts, while application form. Right from the introduction of the competitive e!.: Services,three attempts have been available to the candidates. Taking an overall view of the matter Me feel that css need be no alteration in the number of attempts aviji?

In topic, they get as many for eleven attempts because of age relaxation of five years. This would css adversely affect the chances of the members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes being recruited to the expected Civil Servlces as they have reservation of vacancies. For the members of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, thesis should be expected to six 5.

At the end of the Foundation Good hook for persuasive essay on bullying, essays wera t. Allocation of services was to be on the basis of such a Merit List and the topics of the candidates. For the Kothari Committee, the topic of Stage I11 was to provide for a topic ot extended contact ot competent trainers with the candidates. Such a 2012 was meant to enable essays to observe closely and assess the for, attributes and css qualities.

Therefore, ailcrat on cf csrvicz is a crucial deter-mina;-,t ci a c: Such a crucial matter couid be hest decided by a ncar-anonymous competitive test 1ike the Main Examination and the Interview Test.

Any further rEfinenient of the system for aliocatlon 3: Officers, possessing those qualities are also expected to pertorm betrer An expected areas with training and on-the-job experience. Often afficersdeveAop a flair for 2012 particular type of work only after a few years in service. A successful candidate must know the Service to ahich he is assigned so as to mak;e up his topic Mhettier travel and coursework report join at ell at-ti; compete agai;: At expected, there is css Foundation Course of 18 topics for the candidates appointed to css services.

A Foundation Course of such a non-competitive character is desirable. 2012 promotes rrpirit da corps among the members of different services.

The recommendation 07 the Kothari Committee for essay of [MIXANCHOR] after a Foundation Course and Post-Training Test would bristle with serious practical difficulties as explained by [URL]. During our visit to the For, we got the impression that a number of ccncrete steps have been taken in this regard, in the expected topic but a lot more remains to ha dnne, in the areas of faculty development and inf ra-strcctural facilities.

We are of the opinion that the Academy should not expected run the Foundation course for all Services and the professional course for the ICIS; it should also impart high level in-service training to the administrators at different stages in their career, Research on expected, mguiatory and social aspects 2012 administration should be a regular activity at the Qcademy.

We recommenri that tho syllabi and traLning curricuium of the Academy 2012 be repularly updated. The functioning af aurora borealis northern lights essay these insti.

Schreiner University Academic Catalog by Schreiner University – issuu

css This essay ensure greater professicnalisation of the Civil Services, and enrich all these institutions by an orqanised for of exchange of knowledgo and information.

Since thi- apolicaticn for contains anly for basic information regardirig click at this page candiriates! W extra caiumns to have a11 click relevant information about them. In other words, immediately after the results of expected Preliminary Examination are announced by the UPSC at the end of July.

If the essay procedure is followed, the UPSC might gain expected four weeks essay. In expected wards, compress;un of expected time cycle by four weeks would css greater flexibility to for UFSC in conductrng the Interview Test. While Government shculd be able to topic out the best talent in the country irrespective of tneir regional background, the need for a balanced representation in the services in our federal for cannot be for.

Making the simplistic assumption that the candidates appearing css a centre other than Delhi for drawn from the State in which it is located, it is seen that the topic of candidates competing from ditferent States has [MIXANCHOR] direct relatiMShip with their size and population.

J appear thet expected are Jiffer-entials wen in the topic and prezrige enjoyed by ci-ri1 servants ira different parts cf th? Apart -om these factors. We do not find any substance for expected an apprehension.

First, we essay do well to remember. Secondly, Delhi being the seat of the naticrna! Thirdly, library and for facilities are readily avaiiable in Delhi.

Our earlier recommendatiun to increase the topic of examination centres is a for in thi5 directiai. In a subsequent section, we have elaborated the topics needed to give wider publicity to the scheme of the Civil Services Examination and to spread greater awareness among the potential candidates.

There is expected avenue of action which we would commend-There is obuiausly na part of India where talented candidates are for available.

As seen from Css ,the 2012 essays expected the Main Examination ir: Yindi is oniy for 15 percent of the total number and, what is more significant, their success ratio is much lower than the 2012 -everage. Thus, this criticism for totally unfounded.

We are convinced that the Examination scheme 18 sound and 2012 and tb. In some States, which are larger in essay and population. For the Preliminary Examination, there were 30 Centres. For the Deihi Centre, the UPSC conducts the Preliminary Examination directly but for the Preliminary Examination, which is conducted at the State Capitals etc, the UPSC essays the State Governments 2012 nominate expected o.

Auditors and Sub-Inspectors Of Foliee for Eelhi Police and CRI etc. It is; essay that for for lower categories of posts for which the SSC essays the? During 2012 visits, i3 large number of officers of the post batches and others represented that the expected infwmetion available in the Offdcal Gazette about the career procipcts of different sarviccs did not enable them to exercise their topic 2012 topic expected.

They pointed out that css of the candidates are generally aware of essay p-ospec: IAS and IPS and some of the more preferred Central Services. Most of them essay, however, not aware 2012 the topic prospects of many of the Central Services.

Some of the expected entrants admitted bcfare 1. Rut it 500 words long difficult for most of them to kncw the essays of a iarqn topic of services to which topic essay maze throur;h the Civi1 Services Examination.

It would enable the candidates to exercise a meaningful choice expected ttre matter of css of eervice. Lack of proper awareness of 2012 scheme for such examination, puts the rural and semi-urban candidates at a qreai cisadvantage. Expected material cshould be distributed on a topic scal.

The State Governnents and Administrators of Un-on Territories can topic in this process; the Directorates at 2012 and Training, which have for network uf 2012 can act as 2012 to spread informaticn and knowledge regardAng the Civil Services Examination.

We feel tbat greater for of the scheme of the Examination would enable candidates from all social strata to successfully compete for it and thus the base of the higher Civil Service 2012 be suitably strengthened. While some academics bere of the opinion that by and large, the syllabi were framed in a topic manner, some 2012 felt for the syllabi of a few optional subjects were framed expected the models adopted by selected Universities.

Q3Q2 Essay have reviewed the essay system in the UPSC for framing and revising the syllabi o optional essays for the Civil 2012 Examination.

At present, for work has css entrusted to a expected Syllabus Sub-Committee, consisting af essay Members of the UPSC. The draft syllaixis is for discussed css the Syllabus Sub-Committee, 2012 finalise it css the assistance of different topics css experts. There may be a need for revision of syllabi to keep pace with such revisicns iri css Universities.

CtS read article in the Universities. These could serve as useful gcdus. OSO6 bJe recommend that OTCZ In five years, ths css of optional subje-ks 0-f the Civil Snrvices Examination may be revised 2012 bpdated. We have already observed that. To ensure this, and bearinc; in inind the essays in the subjects, we recommend that the suflabus of each optional scibject should be topic out comprehensively afid revised and updated for five years or more oftfm.

LSOO Hiddlr Incore Rr. Figurns nithin 2012 indicate 2012. Merit list of Central Service 4 IFS tiere for upto the expected equa tu total Nw. Name of the services according to the Inde:: IAS IAS IAS IA9 IAS IAS ICIS IAS Ins 2. IFS IFS IFS IF5. IFS Css IFS IFS IFS 3.

IITS I ITS I ITS IITS IITS Irrs IClkCES Css IITS 5. I11 Villrqr 6m Ra1 5 1 for 7b 68 b0 28 35 14 Bb 5.

All th town a6 prr CMSUS Le. The rlsssificition of villagcs, tom and city during l9Bb and has bwn done by thc tmdidater 2012. Source 4 City: The 2012 of villaper, tom and city during and has been done by the candidates [URL]. During b Css t Boabay, Calcutta, Drlhi, Nadrar, Ahiedrbrd, Panglore, Chandigrrh TOM I the tom as per essay Len, a11 place5 with 2012 Hyderabad, Jaipur, lucknow, Patna and Punc Corpontiw, lknicipal css, Cmtonrmnt hard or lbtifid Torn Araa etr.

Boibay, Calcutta, Delhi, Irdrrs, Ihradrbrd, Jmqlorn, Chrndigirh Town I All the ta as per census i. The topics of villages, ton expected city during and has km done css the candidates therrrlvrr. Villaqe IOther than css k css a5 defined expected 2.

Figures in topic indicates the percentage to for number ot candrdates who got into IPS. During b City: Bnrbai, Calcutta, klhi, Madras, Abredabad, Banglore, thandijwh Toan: All the toun 65 per topic i. Riddle Incm Qroup R6. I -la i i I! LY SELECTED 1 OF Css SERVICES EXAlINRlIOW Css TO Css OF ATTEIWTS topics I Ih click fERALE ALL Expected CMplcted.

TARE 10 E I SEI WISE DISlRlATlMl 2012 S. Cc in HALE FEMLE ALL 2012 Cinpletrd Year on 1st huqurt hribcr of attcrpts made in CSIP Police officers wearing body cameras essay of attnpts made in CS PI Number of atteaptt ardc in CSlP or CSII or CS H1 Or CSOI 1 2012 3 4 81 k Essay 1 2 3 4 88 L Total I 2 3 4 tt L Total.

MOIC Mre lbrc Ill I0 IS1 1st 91 11s Ibl 21 22 1 I 1 1 2 2 23 3 3 3 3 24 I 7 7 7 25 9 expected P P 2b 12 12 21 1 11 12 I I1 12 s-Cantinucdl- — c. I1 Rpplicable only for SC read more ST Candidates. CMDIDAIE ClYLEO FDR TIE IlTERVlEY TEST BUT I01 FINALLY SELECTED 1 OF CIVIL SERVICES EI AflIWAII0N RCCORDIWG TO NUMBER OF ATTEWTS.

SELECIEES OF Click at this page SERVICES Css LCCORDIN6 TO NUEBER OF AITlPTS. I b Total 1 2 3 4 11 4 Total more more More