The collections and services


The collections of popular Japanese manga in Vietnamese are available. For those who are keen on reading manga in original Japanese, weekly and monthly manga magazines as well as some series of manga in Japanese are provided.
Weekly, monthly or quarterly magazines on contemporary life and culture such as Japanese idols and stars, fashion, design, lifestyle, film, music, literature, stage performance, architecture, fine arts, are available. Most of the magazines are written in Japanese, with some exceptions of bilingual magazines (Japanese – English).
Books on Japan especially in the field of social science and humanities including (but not limited to) contemporary art, architecture, graphic design, literature and contemporary society of Japan, are provided. We try offering books written in Vietnamese as our primal collections. However, as the number of the books in Vietnamese is limited, we also collect books written in English and Japanese for reference.
Japanese language education
Books on Japanese language education such as dictionary, textbooks on grammar, idioms, teaching methods and so forth are available.
J-POP Music
2 small jukeboxes are available to enjoy latest J-Pop music videos (around 30 songs) which are updated every month.
The collections of Japanese drama series, music concerts, films and animations (some are provided with English sub-titles) are available. You can enjoy them in the DVD room. 1 to 4 persons can share the headphones to enjoy one DVD together.

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