Brief introduction

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal organization for promoting international cultural exchange. Opened in March 2008, the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, one of the foundation’s newest overseas offices, has been actively implementing a variety of cultural activities to promote cultural exchange and cultivate the cultural diversity in the region. It has initiated plethora of projects ranging from supporting of Japanese language education & Japan studies, to stage performances, art exhibitions, music concerts, film festivals and academic lectures and so on.



The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam is eager to provide practitioners and organizers of cultural exchange activities, and all those who are interested in such activities, with relevant information. We have been conducting surveys about various topics concerning cultural exchange, and are pleased to share their fruit and discuss with the people concerned as to how to develop an idea, and how to find counterparts in the respective countries of the Asian region, and so forth. We also welcome general inquiries about Japanese culture.


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