45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam


The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural exchange in Vietnam proudly presents 2 nights of  “J-Dance” show featuring 4 solo and duo dance pieces, on December 7 & 8 in Hanoi.

In Japan, there are many performances and festivals such as dance and theater. Their styles and contents vary, and many performers pursue their own way to express themselves. Until now, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural exchange in Vietnam has held various stage performances every year, including mime, contemporary dance, street dance, and non-verbal theatre etc. And this year also, in order to introduce the diversity of dance and physical expression in Japan, without sticking to a specific genre, we would like to introduce a show called “J-Dance”.

5 dancers, who are active in Japan and international festivals and also participate in oversea works, will be invited to perform 4 works represented by each style, such as contemporary dance and Butoh.


[Time] 07/12/2018 (Fri) [Open] 19:30 [Start] 20:00
08/12/2018 (Sat) [Open] 19:30 [Start] 20:00
[Venue] Vietnam Youth Theatre/Nha Hat Tuoi Tre (11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi)


・”Shaka” (The Melody of Apology) Choreography & Performance: Ikumi Otsuka
・AFTER RUST Choreography & Performance: Ryu Suzuki
・AFTERGLOW Choreography & Performance: Norihito Ishii
・”Shaberidasu Shintai” (Body Language) Choreography & Performance:Yoshika & Kota (Yoshika Shinohe, Kota Kihara)


Free entry, ticket required.

Ticket distribution (up to 2 tickets per person)

Time: 30/11 (Fri) From 12:00

Venue: The Japan Foundation (27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)


For inquiries on the show and interview with the artists, please contact:

Mr. Kawai (Ext 109), Ms. Huong (Ext 106)

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural exchange in Vietnam

27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam         TEL 024-3944-7419  




Ikumi Otsuka

Otsuka 3

Born in 1993. She started to get acquainted with the world of Contemporary Dance by the age of 18, under the influence of the teacher who had been teaching her ever since when she was a kid – Shibata Emi. She graduated from the Western Dance Course, Department of Theater, College of Art, Nihon University and received Dean of the College of Art Award. Since she was at university, she not only appeared in performances of many genres by Shibata Emi, Sakai Aya, Ogasawara Daisuke, she also debuted her own works like “Lonely”, “In the spring” or the solo performance “On the way” at a coffee shop in the shopping district. With the performance “It isn’t a story about war”, she received Audience Prize at the show “I want to see dance! New Face Series 15”. Now, she is participating in the project Somatic Field by Umeda Hiroaki, L.A.B. with Suzuki Ryu as artistic director.

[About the performance]

“Shaka” (The Melody of Apology) (Solo)   Choreography & Performance: Ikumi Otsuka

This is a work about the “original sin” that humans have been carrying ever since they were born.


Ryu Suzuki


When he was at Rambert School in the UK, he performed in “A Linha Curva” choreographed by Itzik Galili, part of the UK tour by Rambert Dance Company. After graduation, he joined the Phoenix Dance Theatre and became one of the main actors in most of the plays. In 2012, after leaving there, he appeared in a section choreographed by Akram Khan as part of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. After returning to Japan, he has started in many works by artists working in Japan like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Philippe Decouflé, Hirayama Motoko, Kondo Ryohei, Inbal Pinto/Avshalom Pollak etc. Besides, as a choreographer, he received the 3rd Session Best Award from the Kagurazaka Session House with the work “Agnus” (2013). At the contest Yokohama Dance Collection in 2017, he won three prizes in a row including “French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers” with the solo performance “Bu” (2015), “MASDANZA Award”, “Sibiu International Theatre Festival Award”.

[About the performance]

“AFTER RUST” (Solo)    Choreography & Performance: Ryu Suzuki

This is a solo performance exploring his own body’s nature as a dancer. From the question “What is the next stage after rust?”, he chose his own physical and mental rust as the main theme. When we directly face our body – a material that tends to change as time passes – how will we see the world?


Norihito Ishii


Choreographer / Butoh Dancer / Artistic Director of DEVIATE.CO He started his career as a street dancer at the age of 17 and has won many dance contests.  After numerous time working as a back dancer or dancing for commercial videos, theme parks, etc., he widened his sphere to the stage in 2006. Apart from appearing in Japan and international performances of various dance companies such as BABY-Q, Ohashi Kakuya & Dancers, Tsujimoto Tomohiko, DAIRAKUDAKAN etc., he also took part in Yukio Ninagawa and Amon Miyamoto’s plays. Since 2007, he started performing solo and working on the state of minds of the audience with the concept of insane and universal beauty that our bodies possessed by, doubting about the truth about our society.  Since 2010, he has been a dancer of Sankaijuku that is a well known Butoh company. For his solo career, he has won the overall second prize at the Seoul International Choreography Festival twice in 2013 and 2015. Besides, he has conducted numerous contemporary dance and Butoh workshops mixed with the street dance’s body structure locally and internationally, such as in Malaysia, Korea, Singapore etc.

[About the performance]

“AFTERGLOW” Choreography & Performance: Norihito Ishii

Unconscious Perception. We human beings react uncertainly to the outside world even when we are unconscious. “Sensation” is our adaptation to the environment, taking in the information inside and outside our body. “Perception” is the information adoption from our knowledge, experience, editing and filtering it through our senses. Human tends to receive information through our sense of sight. When we lose our sight, we have no choice but to rely on our sense of hearing or imagination, which makes space and existence become separate things. The audience will be invited to an unrealistic world unconsciously and have to go on an adventure to adapt themselves to the situation. Then they will be back here again.


Yoshika & Kota (Yoshika Shinohe, Kota Kihara)

Kihara 3

Based on the movements coming naturally from the playing, they create unisex performances. Thay are expanding there sphere as they perform locally and internationally. First Prize at The 25th National Western Dance Contest in Kobe. Grand Prize at the Dance Summit 2012 in Japan.

[About the performance]

“Shaberidasu Shintai” (Body Language)

Choreography & Performance: Yoshika & Kota (Yoshika Shinohe, Kota Kihara)

Word and Body.

Continuous breath.


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