Recruitment Information for the Asian Youth Jazz Orchestra 2015 【Vietnam】

1. About the Asian Youth Jazz Orchestra
    (1)  Our objectives
      This project aims to organize a new jazz orchestra consisting of upcoming musicians from Asia and to
      provide opportunities to participate in rehearsal camps in Tokyo and performances throughout Asia.
      Through international exchange and collaboration, we hope to train rising talents and to encourage
      cross-border networks among upcoming musicians. Jazz was chosen as the genre precisely because of its
      improvisational nature: via inspiration and spontaneity, which are created from the musicians’ free
      thoughts, feelings, and mutual respect, jazz creates a world of sound through the intricate balance of
      interactions. Thus, jazz meets our purpose of creating new sounds through the interaction of young
      musicians, and we believe that it is the exemplary genre that will enhance the results. In the long run,
      we aim for the project to become a platform where young musicians actively collaborate with others to
      pursue future possibilities of creating new music in Asia.
    (2) Composition of the orchestra
In total: 26 players


Number of Players

Trumpet 3
Trombone 3
Alto Sax 2
Tenor Sax 2
Baritone Sax 1
Clarinet 6
Flute 2
Euphonium 1
Tuba 1
Piano 1
Electric Bass 1
Drums 1
Latin Percussion 1
Vibraphone 1
    (3)  Performance program
      Pieces played by the orchestra are a combination of jazz, classical, pop, local Southeast Asian folk music,
      and new pieces for the orchestra.
    (4)  Venues and Schedules of Performances
      A. Rehearsal camp in Tokyo: August 21st to 31st, 2015
      * participants have to arrive in Tokyo on August 20th and depart on September 1st.
      B. Southeast Asia Tour: between mid-September and mid-October, 2015(around 4 weeks in total)
          -Performance Venue:TBD (around 5-6 cities)
          -Overall number of performances: approximately 10 times
      C. Japan Tour: between December, 2015 to January, 2016 (up to 3 weeks in total)
          – Performance Venue: TBD
         – Overall number of performances: approximately 3 times
    (5) Organizers and Other Credits
Organizer: The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Planning and Production: Planet Arts Co.
2. Recruitment information
    (1) Number and types of musicians for open-call


Number of Players

Trumpet 2
Trombone 2
Alto Sax 1
Tenor Sax 2
Clarinet 5
Flute 1
Euphonium 1
Piano 1
Latin Percussion 1
    (2) Application Qualifications
      Those who meet all of the qualifications listed below:
      a) Is 18 to 26 years of age(students, professionals or otherwise) as of September 2015
      b) Holds permanent residency in any of ASEAN countries
      c) Skilled in the instruments listed above in 2.(1)
      d) Understands the project objective and purposes, is eager to participate,  and is available to take part in
          all of the AYJO activities (Rehearsal Camp in Tokyo, Southeast Asia Tour and Japan Tour)
      e) Is both physically and mentally healthy to participate in all the AYJO activities
      f) Is willing to actively communicate with AYJO participants from a wide variety of countries (It is desirable
         that applicants have some proficiency in everyday conversations in English.)
     g) Is willing to further collaborate with musicians from home and abroad in his/her own musical activities
         this program finishes
    (3) Screening method
          A. Initial screening (open recruitment)
a) Judging criteria: application documents and audio demonstrations
b) Judge: Osamu Matsumoto(Arranger, Conductor and Trombone guidance)/ Mayuko Katakura
(Piano guidance)/ Ryonosuke Hommura(Producer)
c) Deadline of application documents and audio demonstrations: January 5th, 2015
d) Submission method: send the items listed below by E-mail to Mr. Jun Kawai,
    –Application form
    -Portrait photograph
   -Audio demonstrations (file format should be mp3) of the pieces in 2.(4) below
e) Results: Announced to each participant by E-mail no later than January 20th, 2015
         B. Final screening
a) Judging criteria: Set pieces, sight-reading and interview
b) Judge: Osamu Matsumoto(Arranger, Conductor and Trombone guidance)/ Mayuko Katakura
(Piano guidance)/ Ryonosuke Hommura(Producer)
c) Date: February 2nd and 3rd, 2015
d) Venue: Vietnam National Academy of Music, Hanoi
e) Time required: approximately 20-30 minutes per person
f) Results: Announced to each participant by E-mail no later than March 25th, 2015
    (4) Set pieces
      For trumpet, trombone and alto saxophone players, please select either the jazz or classical piece from the
      chart below. For the others, please play the designated pieces listed.

Jazz piece

Classical piece


Donna Lee (by Charlie Parker) Characteristic Etudes / Arban Allegretto (by Baptiste Laurent Arban)


Donna Lee (by Charlie Parker) David Konzertino (by Ferdinand David)

Alto Saxophone

Confirmation (by Charlie Parker) Concert en Mi ♭ (by Alexandre Glazounov)

Tenor Saxophone

Blue Train (by John Coltrane)                                                                (Please contact Ms. Huong at: for the music scores)


Sing Sing Sing (by Louis Prima)                                                            (Please contact Ms. Huong at: for the music scores)Csárdás (by Vittorio Monti)                                                                                        *both pieces


Sonata a-moll, Allegro (by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)


Arban 14 Characteristic Studies [1](By Jean-Baptiste Arban)


Confirmation (by Charlie Parker)


unspecified *we will ask you to play some rhythms on-site (ex. Swing Rhythm, African Rhythm and Funk Rhythm)
    (5) Compensation for participants
      The Japan Foundation Asia Center shall provide the following for AYJO participants
 A. For audition participants
     Round-trip transportation fare for those who live outside Hanoi city..
 B. For AYJO members
     a) Rehearsal Camp in Tokyo
        -round-trip transportation fare from residence to Tokyo
        -daily allowance (in cash or by bank transfer)
        -overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance
     b) Performance Tour in Southeast Asia and Japan
        -travel expenses
        -daily allowance and honorarium
        -overseas traveler’s personal accident insurance
    (6)  Remarks
A. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.
B. Application documents will not be returned.
C. Information described in the application documents is used for publicity purposes of The Japan
    Foundation. This information is also conveyed to the overseas diplomatic missions of Japan,
    reporting agencies and other related organizations for the purpose of publicizing this project.
D. Individual information is not used by reason of other than mentioned in C above.
    (7)   Contact
 The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam (Hanoi)
 No. 27 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL: 84-4-3944-7419  FAX: 84-4-3944-7418

Organizer: The Japan Foundation Asia Center

Planning and production: Planet Arts Co.

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