• Double Trouble
    2008 / 112’ / 35mm / Color
    A slapstick comedy that delivers many laughs, and a few tears

    Directed by: Joji Matsuoka                                          Original story by: Shinosuke Tatekawa
    Screenplay by: Katsuhiko Manabe, Joji Matsuoka
    Kaoru Kobayashi as Tadashi Iizuka                              Atsushi Ito as Shunsuke Kato
    Saori Yuki as Mizusu Matsuo                                        Miyoko Asada as Saeko Iizuka
    Double Trouble is set in a small town somewhere in Japan. Trouble begins when Iizuka (Kaoru Kobayashi), a manager of a local cultural center, realizes the center’s concert hall has been double-booked for two all-housewives chorus groups on New Year’s Eve. The lazy and usually irresponsible Iizuka tries to make both concerts happen. The film delivers many laughs — and a few tears.
    The film is based on the comedic story Kanki no Uta (Ode to Joy) by Rakugo comedian Shinosuke Tatekawa. His many stories have depicted the real emotions of people living in today’s world through his keen observing eye, and among them Kanki no Uta (Ode to Joy) is already known among his fans as a masterpiece of masterpieces.
    This first-ever film adaptation of a Shinosuke Rakugo story is a fresh depiction of the true inner workings of Japanese people.

    Lịch chiếu / Screenings:
    Hanoi: 25.10., 19:00 / 28.10., 15:00 / 4.11., 17:30
    Phan Thiet: 17.11., 19:00
    HCMC: 24.11., 18:00 / 28.11., 15:30



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