• EAT + LEARN: Japanese Cuisine


    The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan and Japanese restaurant “Kyy”, share the delight of introducing the variety of Japanese cuisine through lectures and demonstrations to Vietnamese fellow friends in Hanoi on Thursday 17 November 2011.


    Japanese cuisine has been widely accepted throughout Vietnam, and a diverse range of people loves to eat it. Such words as “Sushi”, “Sashimi” and “Tempura” are well known even among those who have never studied Japanese language before.


    But what is Sushi, what is Tempura indeed? Do you really understand the features of each food? Can you cook them?


    If your answer is “No”, here is a good opportunity for you to change your answer into “Yes”.


    From “Sushi” to “Tempura,” the Japanese specialists will give lectures on the history of each food, as well as demonstrations of cooking them, and finally, you will enjoy eating the foods with us.


    We do hope your understanding on Japanese cuisine as a part of Japanese culture will be enhanced and deepened with the served delicious foods.


    The lectures and demonstrations will be conducted in Japanese with Vietnamese interpretations from 6pm on Thursday 17 November, in Marlion room (2nd floor) at Fortuna Hotel (6B Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi). Free admission but pre-registration is required.


    Content: By Takako Fujita

    1) Lecture on “Food culture in Japan”
    2) Demonstrations
    - Oshi-zushi (Pressed sushi)
    - The Soup The Sunrise on New Year’s Day
    - Ae-maze (A vegetarian food)

    By Kojiro Kobayashi & Yoshiro Ono

    1) Lecture on “The history of Tempura, food cultures in Japan and Vietnam”
    2) Demonstrations
    - Tempura (Deep fried fish and vegetables)
    - Teuchi-udon (Homemade wheat noodles)
    The following foods will be served for the participants to eat:
    - Chirashi-zushi (Assorted raw fish fillets over a bowl of sushi rice)
    - Tempura udon

    ■ Lecturers



    Takako Fujita
    Specialist, the owner of Japanese cooking school “Fujita”









    Kojiro Kobayashi
    The owner of Japanese restaurant “Kyy”









    Yoshiro Ono
    Master chef, Japanese restaurant “Kyy”






    ■ Sample photos


    For the usage of the following images for your media, please contact the staffs in charge below. We will provide a bigger size of each image upon your request.




    The Soup The Sunrise on New Year’s Day































    For inquiries and the interview with the Japanese specialists, please contact at:

    Ms. Trang (098-909-6123)
    Mr. Yoshioka (0123-384-4138)
    The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
    27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
    TEL 04-3944-7419 jpf.org.vn

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