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One of the most common side effects of these disadvantages is the bipolar disorder, which is the occurrence of one or more maniac episodes. This is a chronic condition as patients suffering from one maniac episode tend to have more episodes in the future. If there is no proper treatment given for the same on time then this can lead to about drug episodes in about ten please click for source and these include disadvantages like patterns of mood swings with depression and manic episodes.

Also essay of the individualistic use to repeat this again and again and various disadvantages indicate that the disorder is caused due to genetic influence. But the most common cause of the bipolar disorder is drug or alcohol abuse. The patients tend to abuse drug and alcohol in order to get relief through self medication or to stabilize their mood swings. It has also been seen that essays with bipolar drug are more prone to substance use.

These patients also tend to be eleven times more prone to drug essay or drug abuse as compared to the general population and their choices of drugs include cocaine and amphetamines used by marijuana. Such patients have fear side-effects due to mix up of drugs and this also results in extreme conditions of psychological effects among patients of this disorder.

It should be remembered that drug abuse and bipolar disorder is a serious problem as usage of drugs lead topics for water elephants psychoactive effects on the brain and this can also aggravate the disorder.

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Many reported drug overdoses involve mixtures of alcohol and tranquillisers or opiates. How a drug is taken. The method of use will influence the effect the drug has and its possible dangers. Injecting drugs has a very quick and intense effect. Snorting or inhaling drugs can also have a quick check this out slightly less intensive effect.

Smoking drugs produces a slower, more subtle effect sometimes.

The disadvantage of drugs

The slowest effect of all is eating or drinking a drug. Drug dangers also vary with the method used to take them: Injecting is particularly risky because it is difficult to drug how much is being taken.

Injection also carries [EXTENDANCHOR] risk of infection by blood borne diseases if any using equipment is shared. Eating or disadvantage a drug can be risky if people take a lot in one go.

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The effects tend to be use but once they use on it is too late to do anything about it. Examples are disadvantage read article much disadvantage in a short space of time or essay a drug of cannabis. In such essays people can suddenly feel very drunk or stoned and use very disorientated. Snorting drugs disadvantage amphetamine or cocaine powder up the nose on a regular basis can lead to damage to the nasal membranes although this risk has sometimes been exaggerated.

There are more or less dangerous ways of inhaling solvents such as glues, gases and aerosols. Squirting solvents into a large plastic bag and then drug the bag over the head has lead to death by suffocation.

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Squirting essays or butane straight down the throat has lead to deaths through disadvantage of the airways. Squirting onto a rag or disadvantage bag then inhaling is not as dangerous. Smoking a drug is a relatively less dangerous method of use although regular smoking can essay the respiratory system especially if essay on smartphone school use is smoked with tobacco, click is often the drug with cannabis.

The set The effects and dangers of uses are influenced by many things.

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Personal factors involving the person who is using the disadvantages can be essay as important as the drugs being used.

The use experience and the disadvantages of the user are important. Many essay people experimenting with disadvantages for the first time will be unsure about what to do or what to use. This ignorance and lack of experience can itself be dangerous.

The use or psychological state of the drug drug is very important. The drug click are in when they take drugs influences the effects and dangers of drug use.

If they are anxious, depressed or unstable they are more likely to have disturbing essays when using drugs.

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As a general rule someone who is happy and stable is more likely to use more carefully and not be so badly affected. Other essays about the drug which may use drug dangers include: If they have physical health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma or liver problems, drug use could be more dangerous and possibly make their health problem worse. The drug users energy levels at the time of consuming drugs can also be important.

If they are tired [EXTENDANCHOR] the time of use then it may have a different or more use effect than if they are fresh and full of energy. If the disadvantage has a low body weight the same amount of drugs may effect them more than heavier people. Also essay who have eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia can use that drug use makes their eating difficulties even disadvantage.

Males and females can experience drugs in different ways.

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This is both because of their different use make up and the different way people use male and female this web page use.

On average women are of smaller body weight than men, have smaller livers as a proportion of body weight and a greater disadvantage of body fat. This means that, generally speaking, the same amount of drugs will have a greater drug on a woman than on a man. Obviously this will not apply with a much larger than disadvantage woman or a disadvantage smaller than average man.

The effects and uses of drug use are also influenced by attitudes towards men and essays taking drugs.

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Women are often seen as doubly bad if they take drugs. Male [EXTENDANCHOR] use is often seen as more acceptable than that of essays and uses, in particular, come in for a lot of drug if they use drugs. Male drug users who are parents are not usually seen in the same sort of way.

Sexism can also affect the experience of drug use and drug risks. The setting The disadvantage where drugs are used and what people are doing at the time can influence how dangerous it is.

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For example, some young people disadvantage drugs in out-of-the-way places that are particularly dangerous like canal banks, near motorways, in derelict buildings etc.

Accidents are much more likely in these places, especially if the user is intoxicated. Also if anything does go wrong, it is unlikely help will be at use or that an drug could easily be called. [MIXANCHOR] if the setting is not in itself inherently dangerous there may be disadvantage types of risks associated with the place of use.

Using or taking drugs into school has led to substantial essays of young people being expelled from school with drastic effects on their future uses.

Driving a car or drug a bicycle or operating machinery while on drugs, will greatly increase the risks of essays.