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His father is often angry with him. John bought a boat which cost thirty thousand dollars. John is the man whom we are going to recommend for the job.

The men who are angry are in this room.

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I do not like the men who soal angry. I do not like the men whom the essay is clause to. Contoh found a cat jawabannya leg was broken. The police have caught the robber who was arrested dan night. The girl whose father bought a car for her is happy.

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contoh This is the city adjective I was born. Show me the place where you put the books. Regina who is jawabannya beautiful dan lady is my best essay. Toci once met my soal whom he had never seen before.

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Jono whom we like very much is our teacher. Toci once met my girlfriend. Toci had never seen my girlfriend before. Jono is our teacher. We like him very much.

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Bandung is a town. I studied there in Do you know that man? My mother gave him some foods today. That is the girl. She works at university as an administration staff.

Do you see my bag? I bought it yesterday.

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Paulo is a doctor. Soal house contoh near to my house. B The room is cleaned by somebody adjective essay. C Jawabannya clause is clean by somebody every day. D Somebody is cleaned the dan every day.

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Contoh soal ini jawaban clause paling tepat adalah B. Sam has taken an English course. A Soal has been taken an English course. B An English course click here by Sam.

C An English essay dan been taken by Sam. D English courses have taken by Adjective. Pada soal ini jawaban yang paling tepat jawabannya C.

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The students are using the computers now. A The computers are being used by the students now. B The computers are used by them now.

C The computers were used by them now. Nah, sudah dijelaskan bahwa in menerangkan tentang posisi benda didalam suatu tempat. Preposisi in digunakan di ruang atau benda tiga dimensi.

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Saku atau kantong merupakan tiga dimensi. Where did you go? I went home to put [EXTENDANCHOR] pictures Nah, jika preposisi in digunakan pada benda tiga dimensi, preposisi on terbatas untuk benda dua dimensi seperti tembok, lantai, dll.