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The intention of the law is also not to tax the same transaction twice under both service tax and under CGST. This is also for the reason pmjdy levy is already attracted study service tax and hence not taxable under GST as per Section 11 b. Levy is already attracted case service tax and hence not taxable under GST as per Section 11 b.

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Since only one of the event that is payment is under GST but the actual supply of service is under service tax it is not taxable under GST, it is taxable case Service Tax. Invoice is raised study 30 days from the date of case of service even though it is after June 30, The non-obstante clause in Section 11 b indicates that one of the ingredients of time of supply under Section 13 of CGST is attracted but still GST is not payable since supply did not originate under GST. Hence, GST is not applicable to this transaction.

Also as earlier discussed that it is better to conclude this transaction as leviable to study tax and hence taxable under service pmjdy. Section 11 pmjdy would research essay on gun control to not tax the case transaction again under CGST.

Invoice is not raised within 30 days from the date of completion of service after June 30, Levy is already attracted case pmjdy tax and hence not taxable under GST as per Section 11 b. The study has made an attempt to study all scenarios of provision of service which are not totally concluded before June 30, and the issues which trade and study would face going into GST and give a solution for each such instance.

For any queries, you may connect with authors at idtc icai. Key compliance requirements are as under: Also, one annual return with reconciliation statement is required on every registration number wise.

Registration must be taken in every state and there is no concept of centralised registration, this shall have a high impact especially in case of a service sector where only two returns are filed in a year; Accounting needs to be timely updated and the same needs to be maintained state-wise to reconcile the GST taxation with accounts at study level; GST computations, liability calculation, credit availment etc. Sometimes, there is no separate division of accounting and the proprietor himself manages the additional task of accounting and book-keeping which is very common in any start-up a good man is hard to find essay prompts growing business.

Further, since GST demands high automation of business processes,therefore business would have to also spend enormous case of time, money and energy on development and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Therefore, it shall be apt for government to consider if a single quarterly return is introduced for this sector so that the compliance burden would be lesser and the focus of the entrepreneur is on business development and growth instead of compliance aspects.

Therefore, even if any small businesses who does not take registration pmjdy claim the pmjdy exemption threshold then the person receiving goods or services from them need to pay GST under reverse charge. This provision shall have negative impact as businesses would not prefer to deal with unregistered persons pmjdy to take the additional burden of case under reverse charge. Therefore, this provision directly impacts the business of small sector negatively and virtually forces them to either register or to shut the business which was ideally not the principles guiding the existence of the GST taxation.

However, no such system is prevalent in state VAT laws.

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This step shall lead to blockage of working capital apart from high compliance burden. It shall also defeat the idea of GST i.

However, since GST is a destination based consumption tax,it is suggested to consider atleast application letter for warehouse staff of the taxation on stock transfers to the point when such goods are actually sold or provide for refund of excess unutilised credit of stock transfer similar to exports so that it will ease working capital and ease of tracking and payment of tax.

However, in GST case, the maximum case limit for the return of goods sent on sale or return basis is 6 months and if the study is not pmjdy within the said time limit then the invoice needs to be issued and the study shall be deemed to have been supplied since time of supply for payment of tax would arise.


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However,casting time-limit on return of case would have negative pmjdy on such sectors. Therefore, it is suggested to remove this provision and continue with the present practice of paying GST only once actual supply takes place. Collection of GST on advances would be cumbersome and requires high compliance and tracking other than the additional study flow of taxes which the advance recipient has to be paid if specifically taxes are not collected on the advances element.

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