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  • 2011 / 108’ / DVD / Color

    A slapstick comedy on a young woman’s love

    [Cast] Yuriko Yoshitaka as Chie Ikeshita                        Ryo Kase as Minoru Nishio

    Kenta Hamano as Takumi Tanashi                      Takaaki Enoki as Masayoshi Miyake[Synopsis]

    Chie (Yuriko Yoshitaka), a 24-year-old office worker, is going out with 5 boyfriends simultaneously, using her time most efficiently and enjoying life. For example, an older divorcee to moan about work, and a sweet young man for therapeutic times. Her motto is to enjoy life now and hence she has no intention of getting married. However, her best friend’s wedding prompts her to assess her 5 boyfriends to find the one and only “soul mate”. Would Chie find that one? Her quest for “true love” begins.

    Directed by: Koji Maeda
    Screenplay by: Koji Maeda & Ryo Takada           Cinematography by: Hiroshi Ito

[Film Festivals, Awards] 2011 – Udine Far East Film: International Festival Premiere

2011 – Hawaii International Film Festival: Spotlight on Japan

Lịch chiếu / Screenings: Hanoi: 27.10., 15:00 / 31.10., 20:00 / 3.11., 17:00 Phan Thiet: 18.11., 19:00

HCMC: 26.11., 15:30 / 1.12., 15:30