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The Hanoi office was established in March 2008 as the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, when the Vietnam-Japan Cultural Forum was held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh with participation from high-ranking officials and various researchers, artists and private sectors from both countries.

Since its establishment, the Center has been contributing the Japanese language education in Vietnam, especially at secondary education as the first priority, and extended to other cultural field to promote people-to-people exchange in grass root to intellectual level between Vietnam and Japan, as well as among the people in the regional and global perspective.

Japanese Language Education

According to the survey conducted by the Japan Foundation in 2006, those who learn the Japanese language in Vietnam are approximately 30,000, which of 18,000 are students at private language schools, 10,000 are university students, and 2,000 are junior and high school students.

To respond the increasing demand, the Foundation provides a wide range of support for Japanese language education in various levels, by dispatching language specialists to Vietnam, inviting teachers and students to Japan, and developing and donating teaching materials, as well as organizing seminars/training courses for teachers, offering teaching consulting service, assisting educational events such as speech contests, and also organizing Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Hanoi, HCM, and Da nang

In collaboration with Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the Foundation has been assisting to implement the pioneer project (2003-2013) to develop Japanese language education in junior and high school level as one of the most important activities.

Art & Culture Exchange

The Japan Foundation carries out a variety of cultural activities to promote cultural exchange and cultivate the cultural diversity in the region. The Foundation organizes grant and assists to hold various events to introduce Japanese art and culture such as art exhibitions, music concerts, stage performances, film showing, lectures & demonstration. Also, the Foundation grants the publication of Japanese books in Vietnamese language.

Our activities cover from Japanese traditional and classic arts to innovative designs, contemporary arts and J-pop culture. We also promote network of artists, practitioners and organizers of cultural exchange activities between two countries and in the region by invitation to Japan programs or organizing workshops or seminars.

Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange

With aim to deepen understanding of Japan abroad and to foster and support good relations between Japan and other countries, the Japan Foundation provides a diverse range of grant programs for Japanese studies core organizations, offering grants to hold seminars/conferences on Japanese studies organized by research institutes, and also providing fellowships that enable scholars to conduct research in Japan. We organize series of lectures and seminars on Japan in collaboration with Vietnamese partners.

We also carry out intellectual exchange programs such as collaborative research projects and dialogues to enhance understanding of bilateral, regional or global issues, seeking measures to solve such issues.