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  • 2009 / 131’ / 35mm / Color

    A comical human drama that touches our heart in the end

    [Cast] Etusshi Toyokawa as Shunsuke Kitami         Hiroko Yakushimaru as Sakura Kitami Asami Mizukawa as Ranko Yoshizawa  


    Isao Yukisada, director of the mega-hit pure love film “Crying out love, in love, in the center of the world” (Sekai no Chushin de, Ai wo Sakebu), has turned Mayumi Nakatani’s play of the same name into a film. Solid actors have been chosen to play a couple who have grown tired of each other, creating an entertaining film for mature audiences with a mixture of laughter and sadness. Shunsuke (Etsushi Toyokawa) is a lazy womanizer and a lousy husband who is suddenly thrown off balance one day by his health-freak wife Sakura (Hiroko Yakushimaru), when she tells him she is leaving him. Upon losing his wife, Shunsuke realizes for the first time how much she meant to him…

    Directed by: Isao Yukisada                           Cinematography by: Jun Fukumoto
    Original story by: Mayumi Nakatani

[Film Festivals, Awards] 2011 – Yokohama Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor (Renji Ishibashi)

2010 – Blue Ribbon Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Renji Ishibashi)

Lịch chiếu / Screenings: Hanoi: 27.10., 19:00 / 29.10., 20:00 / 2.11., 19:30 Phan Thiet: 16.11., 19:00

HCMC: 27.11., 15:30 / 30.11., 13:00