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Waterboys - Japanese Film Festival 2011
06/10/2011 01:53



2001 / 35mm / Vista / 91 mins / Color

Directed by : Shinobu Yaguchi
Screenplay by : Shinobu Yaguchi
Photography : Yuichi Nagata
Music : Gakuji Matsuda, Hitomi Shimizu
Cast : Satoshi Tsumabuki as Suzuki
  Hiroshi Tamaki as Sato
  Kaori Manabe as Mrs. Sakuma
Introduced JPF at Japanese Film Festival 2011


Selected awards

Best Newcomer (Satoshi Tsumabuki) and'Best Music Score at Japan Academy Prize, Japan (2002)
Excellent Film at Mainichi Film Awards, Japan (2002)


It's springtime in Japan and Suzuki, leader of the Tadano High School swimming team, realizes that the team is not going to survive. When he has given up hope, the surprise arrival of a new female coach changes everything. She gathers a lot of attention, being a young and attractive female at the boy’s school and now everyone wants to join the team. When the boys know that she is a synchronized swimming instructor, they almost leave and only Suzuki and 4 other misfits stay. They decide to organize a special show at the high school cultural festival. When autumn finally rolls around, the boys have not only miraculously perfected a truly unique routine, they've won the respect and participation of a whole crew of new teammates. On the eve of the festival, the performance is threatened by one last catastrophe. Will the Waterboys hard work be wasted, or can they paddle their way to the success and recognition they've worked so hard to win?

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