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Yunagi City, Sakura Country
12/10/2010 09:20

2007 / 35mm / Vista /118 min / Color /

Production Companies:
ArtPort/Sega/ Sumitomo/ Yomiuri TV/ Futabasha Publishers/ The Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka/ Tokyo FM/ Tohoku Shinsha Film Corporation/ Tokyu Recreation/ Cine Move/ Big Shot/ Hiroshima TV/ Fukuoka Broadcasting/ Yamaguchi Broadcasting

Screenplay by: Kei Kunii, Kiyoshi Sasabe                 Music: Takatsugu Muramatsu
Based on a comic by: Fumiyo Kono                         
Nanami Ishikawa: Rena Tanaka     Asahi Ishikawa (young), Minami’s brother: Mitsunori Isaki
Minami Hirano: Kumiko Aso           Asahi Ishikawa (older): Masaaki Sakai


©"Yunagi City, Sakura Country" productions, LLC

Best Film Award at Japanese Film Critics Awards (2007)
Best Actress Award (Kumiko Aso) at Blue Ribbon Awards in Japan (2007)

1958 - thirteen years after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, Minami, a survivor, is happy and in love. Yet this all ends the day her unfortunate past returns to haunt her physically and emotionally. In present day Tokyo, Nanami is curious about her father's yearly ritual of returning to Hiroshima. Interested, she decides to accompany him and discovers that the cloud still looms over her family 60 years on.






Directed by: Kiyoshi Sasabe                                      Photography: Masaaki Sakae
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