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Happy Flight
12/10/2010 08:58

2008 / 35mm / Vista /103 min / Color / Altamira Pictures

Directed by: Shinobu Yaguchi                                   Photography: Tokusho Kikumura

Screenplay by: Shinobu Yaguchi                               Music: Micky Yoshino
Suzuki Kazuhiro (Co-pilot): Seiichi Tanabe             
Noriyoshi Harada (Captain): Saburo Tokito          
Etsuko Saito (Cabin Attendant): Haruka Ayase
Mari Tanaka Cabin Attendant): Kazue Fukiishi


Flight 1980 is preparing to take off from Tokyo to Hawaii, and a team of trained professionals is working to see the flight goes smoothly. Captain Harada is a tough, by-the-book pilot who is training young co-pilot Suzuki who is eager to move up to full pilot's status. The flight is also carrying a new flight attendant, Saito who is nervous about working under exacting Chief Purser Yamazaki, a taskmaster who also intimidates the more experienced Mari.

Meanwhile at the airport, Kimura deals with lost luggage and disgruntled passengers, and the head of the ground crew and his chief weather adviser strive to get the flight off the ground safely and on time. Despite the hard work and expertise of everyone involved, two unexpected crises put the flight in grave danger -- a new computer system aboard the jet malfunctions, and as Captain Harada turns back to Tokyo, it's discovered a hurricane is brewing just off the coast. Can Flight 1980 safely land before the storm hits the airport?


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