70 minutes
Director : Vincent Moon
We are introduced to Kazuki Tomokawa (veteran folk musician, actor, painter, poet, horse racing commentator, ‘screaming philosopher’) in La Faute Des Fleurs – directed by the acclaimed French filmmaker Vincent Moon (a member of La Blogothèque collective). Thanks to a dedicated fan, Vincent is invited to Japan to film make a film about Tomokawa (or rather, Tomokawa’s strange and somehow tragic past). And to quote Vincent’s words:“Kazuki Tomokawa, that’s his name, 59 years old man, at first the exact idea you could get of a cinema character straight from a yakuza movie, a guitar in his hand and a scream in his mouth. The camera allows you to explore more and makes you discover the multiple layers of his existence and belief in life, his past as an actor for Oshima or Miike, his passion for bike race gambling, his unstoppable addiction to alcohol, his amazing skills as a painter, and his troubled past with his son, you soon got the feeling there’s only one Kazuki Tomokawa. As there was only one Rimbaud.
“The other day, while working on the edit of La Faute des Fleurs, a friend of mine was helping to translate certain sequences. At some point, she would suddenly burst into tears. At the question what happened, she turned to me and said, “it’s the way he speaks… he is like a poem”.



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