(Hanoi) Co-production by Japan and Vietnam Non- Verbal performance “WITHOUT SIGNAL!” [TICKETS ARE DISTRIBUTED OUT]

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam proudly presents non-verbal performance “WITHOUT SIGNAL!” directed by Mr. Shuji Onodera.

Mr. Onodera founded “Company Derashinera” on 2006. Their performance is based on technics of mime. The performance is much more like theatrical work than dance. The mime movement of their dance makes something invisible to visible. They attract audience by all their own style. On 2016, they performed first time in Vietnam.

On September 2017, “WITHOUT SIGNAL!” was performed at Kanagawa Art Theater in Yokohama, Japan after workshops and rehearsals wwith 4 Japanese and 4 Vietnamese performers.Untitled

He was inspired by the scene on the street in Vietnam that cars, motobikes and pedestrians go smoothly even in the heavy crowded crossroad. He felt that they seem to move freely at a glance. However, seeing carefully, he thought people might have some kind of discipline to keep of fill the space, disstance between others and that balance run the crowd to the forward. Mr. Onodera reflects such kind off impressions to the piece.

Year 2018, is 45th anniversary year of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. On this occasion, we hope you to enjoy collaboration off 4 Vietnamese performers and 5 Japanese performers and directors.

“ WITHOUT SIGNAL!”  directed by Shuji Onodera

[Date & Time] Friday 30 & Saturday 31
[Open] 19:30 [Start] 20:00


[Venue ] Youth Theater Vietnam(11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi)


”WITHOUT SIGNAL!” (70 mins)
Director: ONODERA Shuji
Assistant Director: FUJITA Momoko
Performers: ARA Yuhei
BUI Hong Phuong
NGUYEN Hoang Tung
NUNG Van Minh
OBA Yusuke
OSHITA Takashi
Voice: SHIRAI Akira
DAO Duy Anh
Lời thoại:
[STAFF]        Stage manager: SUZUKI Akitomo
Props design: ISHIGURO Takeshi
Lighting design: YOSHIMOTO Yukiko
Sound operate: IKEDA Nobu
Costume: VU DUC Doan Hung
Stage manager trainee:
DAO Duy Anh
NGUYEN Thanh Tung
Production Manager:

Free ticket distribution:

*Please restrain from taking children under 6 years old

from 12:00 on 23 March onward]

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

27 Quang Trung, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

[Opening hours] 09:30 – 18:00 (Sunday closed)

[Co-organize]      The Japan Foundation, Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

KAAT/Kanagawa Art Theater, MAGCAL Festival organizing commitee



He trained mime at the Mime Institute of Japan. From 1995 to 2006, he was one of the members of “Performance Theatre Water and Oil.” In September 2006 for a year, he resided in Paris under a fellowship “New Artists Overseas Research Program” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. Upon his return to Japan in 2007, he established a new company “Company Derashinera” to create his own works. His unique directing style based on mime techniques with dialogue has attracted audience in generations. He was awarded with “Japanese Cultural Envoy” by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan in 2015.

His main stage peformance are “Ano Ogarasu, saemo“, “Ophelia’s Shadow Theater “, “Romeo and Juliet” (2016, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater), “The Metanophosis”(2014, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center), “The Brothers Karamazov “(2012, The New National Theater Tokyo).

He also directed out door theater work such as “The little mermaid”(2013, Art Setouchi 2013)


Untitled 2

[photo left] (performance in Yokohama, 2017)

Top: Nishina Miyuki

Second row/from left: Nung Van Minh, Nguyen Hoang Tung, Bui Hong Phuong

Third row/from left: Sakiyama Rina, Nguyen Thi Can, Ara Yuhei

Bottom: Oshita Takashi


[photo right](performance by Company Derashinera in Hanoi, 2016)

Oba Yusuke

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Ms. Nha (024-3944-7419 ext: 115) / Mr. Kawai (024-3944-7419 ext: 109)

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

27 Quang Trung, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội       TEL 024 3944 7419    www.jpf.org.vn


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