80 minutes
Director: Lewis Rapkin
Live From Tokyo takes the viewer through the back streets in Shinjuku, the intersections in Shibuya, the alleys in Koenji, and all over Tokyo, as it highlights the innovative musicians that create the multi-faceted underground music scene.
The documentary looks at Tokyo’s music culture as a reflection of Japanese society and in relation to international music culture. Tokyo’s reputation for an overwhelming variety of global information, media-saturated urban environment and cutting edge innovation, makes it the perfect sample for addressing a new outlook on music culture. We find ourselves well into the generation of hyper-connectivity and information culture. The music industry is transforming and listeners are accessing and treating music in a new way. Barriers that separated music scenes in the past are becoming less relevant as technology continues to connect artists. A new paradigm of music culture is upon us.
Artists featured: Nissennenmondai, Tenniscoats, Optrum, Sexy-Synthesizer, Kirihito, D.V.D., Zoobombs, and many many more.


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